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Caite makes a another guess, 522, which is still wrong even when she holds up the number of fingers for each digit one at a time. Brent mildly tells us that they need to get out of there and hold onto their lead. He's awfully mellow today. Did he smoke something before this leg, or is he just getting a contact high from all the incense? Meanwhile, the Cowboys have finally reached the Metro station. "Saddle up," Cord says, which I take it is Cowboy for "Mind the gap."

The laggard alliance has come across a group of youths who also don't know where the Garden Bridge is, but they're still making progress; Michael asks if he can have one of them with a cell phone call the translation service so he can talk to the operator. Louie explains to us in an interview that this is a number posted in taxicabs so people can overcome language difficulties with their drivers. Michael holds out the borrowed cell phone to a cabbie in a green taxi. Behind them, Dan and Jordan are telling the driver of a blue cab that they want to follow the green one. Before getting in, Dan vaguely asks for assurances that they won't get left behind, and Michael makes them, but even more vaguely. Both teams are soon on their way. Except that the brothers' cabbie doesn't seem to fully grasp the concept of "follow that green car," or even the concept of "follow" itself. Soon the Detectives' cab is far ahead, in different lanes, with cars between them. Up ahead, the Detectives are hoping not to be last, which right now they aren't. And when their cab gets through a traffic light that the brothers' driver misses, Dan loses it. Louie says, "It's nice that the boys are with us and not in front of us any more." Looking back, Michael says, "Well, they're not with us any more." They don't seem too devastated by this development. Dan, by contrast, is having a complete meltdown, telling Jordan to get out of the car so he can hit the driver. I've gotten this far into the second recap of an episode set in Shanghai without having commented on the invasive Plexiglas barriers between the front and back seats in what looks like every cab in that city, but I think I just figured out why they're there.

Caite is taking another crack at the counting. "Maybe the third time's the charm. I hope so," Brent says, still sitting on the sidelines. The reason this is amusing is that it's actually her fourth try (no, not really). Maybe she'll have more success if she takes her hand out of her sweatshirt cuff so she can see where she's pointing. "Interesting," she muses after one intensive counting fit. She interviews about how they all started to run together after a while. Her next guess is 524. "I don't know what she's doing wrong," Brent says. That's okay, neither does she. But at least Brent isn't hollering at her. That's probably not encouraged in Buddhist temples.

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