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Now Jet and Cord are on what they were led to understand was the Garden Bridge, which from here just looks like a long walkway through a park. And when they get halfway across, where the clue is supposed to be, there's no clue box in sight. Then they look over the edge, and I'm surprised to see that not only is this a bridge after all, it's suspended over a busy road below. It begins to occur to them that there may be a different Garden Bridge. They had no way of knowing they were being led astray, but they've figured it out now. Can't ask for more than that.

Brent and Caite are still asking around, and have had the good fortune or wisdom to have asked a person who has a smart phone. She does a search on "Garden Bridge" and comes up with Waibaidu Qiao, so I guess that's one thing Google didn't let China censor. Their benefactor not only advises them to take a taxi, but coaches them on how to say the name of their destination, and writes down the Chinese symbols so they can show them to their cabbie. With that, they're soon on their way. Well played. Clearly Caite can accomplish anything she sets someone else's mind to.

Jet and Cord, meanwhile, come up to a waiting cab driver and ask him to take them to the Garden Bridge, hoping that he knows where he's going. Cord asks the driver to call someone for instructions, and then they act all, "Oh, that Garden Bridge." They figure everyone else will have left by now.

But Dan and Jordan are just now leaving at 8:53 AM. And they're sniping at each other about not knowing where the Garden Bridge is by 8:53:01. Dan interviews that his one goal in coming on the race was to give Jordan his dream, but now that they're so close, he cares about winning and wants the million dollars as much as anyone else. Maybe even more, as we'll soon see. Too bad they're not having any more luck finding anyone who knows what the Garden Bridge is than the other two teams did.

What's the opposite of an Ugly American? Because that's what Brent is being in the cab with Caite, marveling over Shanghai (there's that skyscraper that's so tall it has to have a big hole through the top of it to avoid damage from wind and satellites), and even chuckling ruefully about the language barrier rather than yelling at the locals about it. Karma repays him by making them the first team to find the Clue Box in the center of the span of the actual Garden Bridge. The clue is telling them to go to Longhua Temple, which Phil says is across the city. That's where they'll find their next clue -- and, from the looks of things, the sign indicating Louie and Michael's Speed Bump. One wrinkle: they can't travel there by taxi. There's no reason for that other than to keep things interesting, and in the best-case scenario, penalize someone for failing to read the clue. A little late in the race for that, though; most of the people who would have blown that are either long gone or have since learned the hard way to pay attention. Exhibit A for the latter case walks off in search of directions. Shortly thereafter, The Cowboys find the clue and tell their cabbie to wait, which is not a good sign, but as soon as they read their clue they head back to pay him, which is.

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