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The chances of that seem to decrease as the Detectives search on, but they finally get it. It's even darker as they get into a cab, although Michael is still hopeful that the brothers will "get a bad cab ride." Dan and Jordan are indeed frustrated with their driver's inability to keep moving, and Dan's trying to jump out of his skin again. He's also making faces that I wouldn't have thought possible for a non-Muppet. The detectives, in turn, remain hopeful. "He seems to lack any real motivation to help us," Dan complains of their driver. Michael and Louie continue to hope for the best. Finally the brothers are dropped off. But then so are the Detectives. Now both teams are wandering the promenade, seemingly cluelessly, and the next team to arrive at the mat is... Dan and Jordan. Phil tells them they're team number three, and in the final for a million dollars. Phil asks Jordan how he's feeling, and Jordan tearfully talks about his brother making his biggest dream come true. Dan is also getting weepy as Jordan talks about how Dan has been there for him, not just during the race but for 22 years of his life. Jordan is 43, by the way (not really). In an interview, Jordan says their game plan of avoiding elimination got them to the final three, and now they're turning it on 110%. "My brother and I are going to win that million dollars." Wait, at least one of these teams has to be wrong.

The Detectives arrive, and are welcomed to Shanghai. Phil tells them they're the last team to arrive. "I'm really sorry to tell you that you are eliminated from the race." Phil's not one for empty threats, at least this week. Michael says they can't think of one bad thing about the race, other than not finishing. I'd say that one item should cover it. Louie says they've always been good friends, but this is something they'll always have that's just between them. Michael says he can't think of anyone else he'd rather do this with. Apropos of nothing, Louie says, "There's a couple incidences where we literally had to share a full-size bed together." And they'll leave you with that image. As well as a feeling of relief that as far as we can tell by the absence of a brief memorial clip, Xi Shun, unlike Pingping, is still alive.

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