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Jet and Cord arrive shortly thereafter. Across the river, the sun is low over the spectacular downtown skyline, so this has clearly not been a brief leg. After getting the good "news" that they'll be in the final three, Cord says they have a good shot at winning the million. I don't see how anyone could argue that. "Do we get buckles?" Jet wonders. Cord hopes so: "If not, I'm gonna get one made. I'm not even kidding." Well, who wouldn't? Besides people who don't wear their greatest achievements on the fronts of their pants, that is.

Dan and Jordan are just now finding the clue box for the Detour. They quickly agree on Pork Chops, quickly find the shop, and just as quickly, Jordan is calling out, "Hey, bro, are we finding a needle in a haystack right now?" And we know how Jordan feels about luck-based tasks versus skill-based ones. Dan insists, "We're doing this, let's just do it." The Detectives get dropped off outside just before Dan finds the one with Louie's name. When the Detectives arrive in the shop, the brothers lie that they haven't seen theirs. Michael interviews that despite the 20 minute lead the brothers have, this is suddenly a race again. Jordan is still complaining, but Dan insists he doesn't want to hear it. We'd much rather watch some more commercials.

Both teams' searches continue after the commercial. Louie compares it to a executing a search warrant, except for how everyone's been making an effort not to just ransack the joint. Dan finds his "NAD" stamp, so the brothers are half done. "This is literally leaving no stone unturned," Louie cracks. Michael is using his penlight to try to look through the shelves at the undersides without having to pick them up, and Louie is knocking some down, quickly righting them and apologizing to someone we can't see. The brothers are apparently double-and triple-checking now. This goes on roughly forever, until Dan finally finds "NADROJ." By the time they're done and reading their Pit Stop clue outside, it's getting dark out. The cops continue searching. Outside, the brothers draft a young local woman to take them to the taxis, which she reluctantly agrees to do. Michael finds one with EIUOL carved on it, which is either Louie's name backwards of the name of a European petroleum company owned by dyslexics. Outside, with the help of their local, the brothers have found a cabbie who knows where they're going. "This is for you," Dan says, holding up some cash. "Okay!" the man says happily in that way that often indicates it's the only word of English the speaker knows. Off they go. "If we get last, we're out, simple as that," Dan says in the cab.

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