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Cord and Jet read their clue inside, and run out to find a cab, only to be brought up short by the crowd milling outside. Now both teams are running around looking for cabs, and Jet and Cord find one first. "Muy rapido," Jet tells their driver, then adds, "I don't know anything in Chinese." Cord shakes his head in exaggerated bewilderment. They're happy to see Brent and Caite still searching for a cab as they pass, but the models aren't far behind when they hop into one of their own. Apparently Brent had a little trouble communicating his wishes to the driver: "They don't even understand their own language," Brent says as he closes the trunk. Well, it is a tonal language, which means that slight variations in inflection can completely change the meaning of a phrase, let alone hearing it butchered by some buffoon from South Carolina.

Dan and Jordan arrive at the Gardens, as the Detectives enjoy their motorcycle ride and hope for a tough Detour ahead that will slow down everyone but them. Maybe another jigsaw puzzle.

Jet and Cord's driver drops them off near that famous Shanghai structure that looks like a giant dildo, as does Brent and Caite's. The Cowboys go upstream and the models go down. This is a big, crowded area, and finding Phil proves tricky, even though he's extra visible this week for reasons that will soon become clear. And when the first place team comes running along toward the mat, it's...Brent and Caite. Well, look who finally won a leg. They certainly worked for it, I'll give them that. A gong sounds as we get a low-angle look at Phil and the greeter, a man in traditional robes who towers over Phil -- no pygmy himself -- at seven feet, nine inches, according to Wikipedia. "Welcome to Shanghai," this imposing individual calls down to the models, even though this is their second day here. Phil casually says, "You met my friend Xi Shun here? The world's tallest man." One day after meeting the world's smallest, no less. Brent says he feels short, but he probably feels a little taller when Phil tells them they're team number one. Caite jumps into Brent's arms and jumps up and down until things start spilling out of her clothes (just a clue envelope, pervs) as Phil tells them they'll be one of the three teams racing to the finish line for one million dollars. Furthermore, they've won a trip to coastal Spain. Phil reminds Caite she's the only woman left in the race, and she says she's ecstatic. "I definitely feel like I've accomplished something and I think I've proved to the world pretty much that I am intelligent and I can read maps." She interviews that they started "under the radar," but now people are starting to realize their capabilities, which she claims will include winning a million dollars. I'm not sure where she intends to do that, because as well as they did this week, I don't think it's happening on this show.

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