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"Java is one of 17,000 islands that make up the country of Indonesia," Phil informs us, apropos of how we're in its second-largest city, Surabaya. "This bustling market, open 24 hours a day, is renowned for its fresh produce and the city's largest fish supply." And, apparently, for a really tall Kiwi reality show host, which must be why Phil's standing on a counter towering over everyone else in the entire country as he tells us this spot is also the start of the third leg. He and a flashback from last week remind us that the twins, Natalie and Nadiya, won the previous leg with the coveted Express Pass as their prize. They're starting out this leg at 6:07 AM, when it's already looking like a busy day at the market. The first clue of the leg is telling them to go to Antika Jaya Padang restaurant, which looks like a family-style place with a clue box standing outside among all the parked motorcycles. The clue also reads, "Caution, U-Turn ahead." Sounds like drama. Or incompetence. Not that the two are mutually exclusive. After interviewing about how they only plan to use their Express Pass to come in first or to avoid elimination (which is what you'd think people are supposed to do with it, even though it never seems to turn out that way), the twins start casting around looking for an English-speaking local who can tell them where to go and that's how they soon find out they're going the wrong way. But from what it looks like, just getting out of this huge market is a good start.

Trey & Lexi, otherwise known as Team Austin, begin their leg at 6:12 AM. They soon run into the twins, who, we're reminded, they allied themselves with during the previous leg. Lexi interviews that Natalie and Nadiya think they're a couple of hillbillies (which is a less polite way of saying what they actually said, that they're a long way from home), and Trey's Jethro Bodine grin that he uses in place of words during interviews isn't going to prove anyone wrong on that score. Lexi goes on to say that bonding with the twins could help them. So far though, all the twins seem to be coming up with right now is, "We should go with the stupid Chippendales." How excited are we supposed to get about a plan that has the word "stupid" in it?

Speaking of whom, Jaymes & James open their clue at 6:16 AM. Jaymes assures us that even though they live in Vegas, he and his partner are small-town boys from Virginia and Maine respectively, so they're "good people." Would anyone have assumed otherwise who hasn't watched too much CSI? They soon run into the two teams who left the Pit Stop before them, and James interviews how it's helpful to have alliances early on. "That keeps you from getting eliminated too early, I think," he says. He's certainly free to think that.

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