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Out on the river, Vicki's not enjoying the smell of the food they're delivering, "But Nick is wearing it." Their launch pulls up next to a big old iron hulk of a ship where a small army of workers is banging away. I hope they have earplugs, but I doubt it. Something tells me OSHA isn't as much of a thing in Bangladesh as it is here in the States. Nick climbs the ladder, and once he's up on deck he tells Vicki to loop the rope through "all" of the handles. That's not practical with thirty containers, but they do ten at a time. "Smells like poop," Vicki says to her pilot, who I'm sure appreciates her nuanced appreciation of Bangladeshi cuisine.

Chad and Stephanie have joined the payroll of the That's What She Said Sugar Company of Bangladesh: "Stick it in there!" "Go faster, go faster!" "But you gotta bend it so it squeezes more out!" The other two trailing teams are manning other presses, but are at least keeping it clean. Kat, Brook, and Chad all drink simultaneously in the three-way splitscreen, with Chad finishing first. All three of them opt for Balanced Meal for the Detour, unaware that at least one of them will be doing the other one as well, whether they like it or not. They all get into rickshaws and scatter, rather than all going the same direction like you might think.

At the Pit Stop, Jill and Thomas jog across the grounds until they see Phil up on a green roof, where he's hanging out with a small marching band. They climb the stairs, and the trumpeter steps forward to offer a handshake and a welcome to Dhaka, Bangladesh. Phil tells them they're team number one, like that's any surprise when a team gets to the Pit Stop before the second commercial break, and adds that they've won a $15,000 Discover gift card, which comes with a random collection of video clips. Thomas again talks about "hard work and efforts," and Phil brings up their U-Turning of Brook and Claire, as is his duty. "They just seem like one of those teams that you don't want around in the final leg," Thomas says, and then interviews that only one team can win, and they're getting close. Famous last words. I'm just looking forward to seeing how far ahead they still are next week when we see everyone's departure times. If we see them.

At the harbor, Nick is stacking the tins on a table on the ship, while Vicki waves at a kid who's swimming near her boat. "I was like, you're swimming in this water? The water was brown, green, there was so much trash in it, it was gross." Don't rule out swimming in it until you know what the Road Block is going to be, Missy. As for the task, they've got a rhythm going, with her looping the rope through multiple handles while he stacks them on the table. "It worked out without even communicating, actually," Vicki says, which is a whole lot more telling than she realizes. After they're done offloading the lunches, Nick lowers the required ten empties over the side, and they head back to shore high-fiving while the workers enjoy their lunch. Which smells like poo, over a multicolored river of garbage.

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