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Jill and Thomas are enjoying themselves now, Thomas making friends with a local ( a baby, who doesn't know any better), and Jill saying she's done things on the race she never thought she'd do in her life (even if Thomas has already done them lots of times). She has the tassels and pedals in place now, too. Next she has to wrestle the back seat into place. It's a pretty tight fit to jam it into place. "Put that booty into it," Thomas smirks from the sidelines. She has the shop owner look it over, but he gives her the thumbs-down. Too bad she can't see the word "chain" in the onscreen checklist, next to its empty box. Or at least I assume she can't.

Nick and Vicki are at the harbor. They quickly load up the food, Nick complaining, "I got it all over me." "You okay? Love you," Vicki says instead of "Who cares?" They get piloted out into the harbor.

Finally, all of the other teams are in Bangladesh. Chad and Stephanie are the first to get a taxi, quickly followed by Team @, leaving Brook and Claire standing dumbfounded at the taxi stand. "It's crazy to see that people live like this, "Chad remarks as he takes in the scenery outside the windows, and then moves on to the much more important topic of how they're planning to use the Double U-Turn on Nat and Kat. All these references to a Double U-Turn keeps making me think for a second that they're talking about a W-Turn, which I'm sure the race will introduce one day as something that makes one team go sharply downhill, then back uphill, then downhill, and then uphill again. Stephanie laughingly admits in an interview that they're just tired of Team @ winning all the time. Team @ says that the Double U-Turn could make or break this leg. And Brook remarks to Claire (now that they're finally in a taxi), "There's a lot of staring in Bangladesh. I don't think they see our kind very often." Claire agrees that Brook sticks out like a sore thumb. And even more so in Bangladesh.

Jill is still hung up on the rickshaw, with the chain hanging limply. She figures out that's what's wrong and gets it on the sprocket. Good enough for the shop owner, who gives them the clue sending them to the Pit Stop .That would be Lalbagh Fort, which is a sprawling area covered with green lawns that's going to be kind of a shock after the busy city streets. "Built as a palace fortress, this three-hundred-year-old castle is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race," Phil says, adding that the last team to check in may be eliminated. Jill and Thomas are on their way, happy to be getting done this early. I'm glad to see that they don't appear to have any illusions about carrying that lead over to the next leg, though.

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