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In Mumbai, India, Nat and Kat are wandering the airport when they spot Team QVC and Chad/Stephanie sleeping in some seats that look actually comfortable for the purpose, unlike most airports I've been in where the seats seem designed to keep you not only awake but actively pissed off. They wander on without waking them up, cheered to know they're not alone.

Jill and Thomas finish the Detour and get their clue ,which reads, "Make your way on foot to Dhaka River Port." Aren't they kind of already there?

Back in Mumbai, boarding is called for the Dhaka flight, and Brook and Claire are pretty jazzed to see Team @ on their flight. "Stayin' alive," Chad falsettos. But on the other side of the subcontinent, Thomas is talking about using the U-Turn on Brook and Claire. "They are always at the top," he says. Team QVC has actually only won a single leg to Team @'s three, but he's probably correct in the sense that Team QVC is more consistently in the front of the pack. Not that I think he's sat down and done the math, because even I haven't done that.

Now Phil's among the crowds in the street, reminding us that a U-Turn shows up at the end of a Detour, allowing one team to make another team do the Detour they didn't already do. But this being the first-ever "Double U-Turn," two teams can each U-Turn another team, "Potentially causing a major shift in the standings of the race." Oh, whatever on that last part; what I like about this is that if a U-Turn can knock out one team, a Double U-Turn can still only knock out one team. Effectively, it screws two teams equally, restoring a lot of the suspense that a single U-Turn defuses. In short, I approve. I just have a few logistical questions. Like, can a team that's already been U-Turned U-Turn another team? Can two teams U-Turn the same team, making them do one Detour option twice? And wouldn't the time to introduce a Double U-Turn have been when there were more than five teams left so there could be more than one team not involved in U-Turning or being U-Turned? I'm sure we'll find all of this out next season.

Thomas announces that they're going to U-Turn Brook and Claire, saying you can't pass up the opportunity, although Jill seems to feel bad about it. That done, they open their clue directing them to take a bicycle rickshaw to Nazira Bazaar. Jill worries, "If Brook and Claire don't get eliminated, we're going to look like such assholes." Trust me, Jill: in Thomas's case, Team QVC's elimination or survival is not a relevant variable of that equation.

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