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Team QVC goes up to the ticket window to grill the agent about what flight Jill and Thomas are on, and she reveals that they're arriving at 5:00 AM. I didn't think they could give out that information, or maybe that's just in the U.S. Brook asks if they can get on it too, but they find out it's full. Jill and Thomas are already on the bus crossing the tarmac. "Hard work sometimes does pay off," Thomas smugs, as though their boarding passes were hewn from the side of a mountain by his own bare hands. They look pretty happy -- the opposite of Brook and Claire. The latter team tells Nick and Vicki about the seven-hour lead that Jill and Thomas now have, and Brook worries that they're the only teams left in Oman. "I don't know if Chad and them got that same flight," Nick points out. Chad, at the Muscat International Airport DQ: "Mmm." Tastes like a future U-Turn.

Nick/Vicki and Team QVC split up to beg for earlier flights, and the former team learns about a flight though Dubai that would get them to Dhaka at 8:40 AM. The problem is there's only one seat. Brook has also just learned about it, and she begs her agent, "You could change our life right now," while he's peering at her passport for some reason, maybe wondering when she got her teeth done. But somehow Nick and Vicki get on the flight, while Brook and Claire don't. "Talk to my friend," the agent says, handing Brook the phone to get the bad news. Brook's Norwegian eye wound flares up in anxiety. Soon Nick and Vicki are riding the tarmac bus to their earlier plane in the dark. Nice job telling them there was a team ahead of y'all, Brook and Claire. You could be on this flight instead, while Nick slouched in the terminal alternating between being bored and mean.

Back in the terminal, Team QVC goes up to Chad and Stephanie and asks, "Why are you guys here?" Obviously they're pretty glad to see each other, because at some point Chad and Stephanie realized that their Blizzards™ may have cost them a million dollars, which is a tad steep even for a large. Nick and Vicki's plane takes off in the early morning, while the other two teams talk about Jill and Thomas's seven-hour lead, and wonder where the doctors are.

Oh, they're in Dubai, where it's nighttime and they're trying to get tickets to Dhaka. The agent offers them a flight through Mumbai and thence to Dhaka, landing at twelve noon. What a coincidence. They're also in the air in the early morning.

Looks like the other two teams still in Oman are going to be joining that flight, because they're boarding a 12:45 AM flight to Bombay together, reminding each other that you never know. "We just thought, okay, it's going to be a footrace," Stephanie says, which makes absolutely no sense. I don't know what it takes to overtake someone with a seven-hour lead on foot, but I doubt any of them has it, with the possible exception of Brook.

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