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Brook and Claire are leaving at 1:36, in fourth place, not nearly as close behind Nick and Vicki as was suggested last week. The camera is apparently resting on the starting mat, shooting up their noses for some reason. Brook quacks out a dramatic music cue upon reading about the Double U-Turn, and then spends her time in the cab pronouncing "Dhaka" in silly ways.

Nick and Vicki get to the airport and get their 12:00 PM arrival tickets at a ticket window. After they're gone, Team QVC arrives and hits the same ticket window. I'm sure this is all building up to something.

Nat and Kat leave at 3:37 in the freaking afternoon, two hours behind Team QVC and almost four-and-a-half behind the leaders. I'd say more about that if I thought it was going to make a difference.

At the airport, Jill and Thomas have secured their tickets getting them to Dhaka at 12:00, but they're not resting on their laurels, instead having an agent check for more flights. They tell Chad and Stephanie they're getting nowhere on that. Which they are, but even if they weren't, they should say they aren't.

By now, Nat and Kat have arrived at the airport and head into the ticketing office for Oman Air to get tickets to Dhaka. Brook and Claire run into Chad/Stephanie and Jill/Thomas, and after comparing their identical arrival times, Chad decides he'd rather get a cheeseburger and a Blizzard™ than wait around at the ticket counter for an earlier flight that probably won't materialize anyway, and even if it did, they started the leg in first place so what's the worst that could happen? Thomas is still holding out for something better, though. Nat and Kat, on the other hand, are only booked as far as Dubai (which is literally one country away), and they plan to figure out their next move once they get there. That's quite a leap of faith, but at least this way they're the first ones on a plane.

Jill and Thomas are finding out that there may just be a way to get to Dhaka at five in the morning. Meanwhile, Chad and Stephanie are, as they say, DQing something different. An Amazing Cameraman even went to the trouble of shooting them eating at a booth with a big Dairy Queen sign in the foreground, only to have it blurred in post. That has to rankle. They're talking idly about their food while Jill and Thomas nail down their seats on that flight arriving at 5:00 AM. Seeing them from across the terminal, Brook and Claire worry and wonder what's up, and Thomas gloats to Jill, "No eating on this team. No eating! Fly! Fly!" Meanwhile, Stephanie is rationalizing that they need to do this for the carbs. Obviously older racers are at a disadvantage, but this shows us how younger racers can be vulnerable too; you deprive them of fast food for a few weeks and then give them a chance to get some, and they'll eat themselves right out of the race. When you hear about competitors DQing themselves, this isn't usually what they mean.

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