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Screw U -- and U, Too!

Stephanie's having trouble getting the back seat jammed into place. "It's not in backwards, what the heck?" she wonders, looking like she wants to use that hammer in her hand if there weren't decorations on the front of the seat where she's have to hit it. Meanwhile, Brook is having trouble with the bell. "I know it's supposed to go in, I just can't get it to go in." I'll let you do that one. It's seat versus bell, and both blondes are getting increasingly frustrated. So of course we go out watching Chad watching them. But see what I mean about the Double U-Turn? If it were a single, the suspense would be over already.

When we come back, Brook is at last getting her screw for the bell bracket threaded. "Finally, it's on! "she says as her onscreen checklist completes. She's done while Stephanie is still stuck on her seat. She starts kicking it, and that's when the check mark appears next to "seat" for her, not that this stops her from giving it another boot for good measure. Brook hugs the guy when she gets her clue, and they're off in fourth without having added to the kiss count. They thread through traffic while Stephanie gets approval and her clue, Chad telling her to hurry. They go out to the road and Chad starts yelling "Lalbagh Fort!" at literally everyone on the street. Claire leads Brook to the busiest road., and they break into a run when they see Chad and Stephanie coming up behind them. As anyone would, race or no.

Over at the Pit Stop, Nat and Kat and their long shadows are checked in as team number three. Phil mentions their U-Turning, and Kat says ,"It was survival, and we have no regrets about it." It was survival, all right, but not for them.

And then the sun goes down, and it's dark, and the remaining two teams are still looking for the damn fort, apparently on foot. Brook wanders into some park, yelling "Lalbagh Fort?" No joy. Chad and Stephanie get directions, probably the latest set of many. "Stephanie, can you please grab on and run?" Chad says. Brook and Claire find someone to give them directions. Chad and Stephanie have found an entrance, possibly. But Team QVC is already on the grounds. "They're on that roof! They're' up there!" Brook blares. Chad also spots it. Up on the roof, Phil turns around, seeing two teams below coming at him from different directions. Only one of them is walking, however, and the other team arrives first: Brook and Claire. Phil tells them it's close, but they're still in it. The hug each other and are amazed. "We are like hanging on by a thread!" Brook says. .Phil beams at them as she adds, "A man U-Turned two little girls." Phil's not buying it. "Don't even try to pretend that you guys aren't a threat," he laughs. He says they still have a chance to be the first all-female team to win the race, and it looks like at least one all-female team will be in the final three, unless Chad and Stephanie are about to get some good news. "We are so excited," Brook deadpans.

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