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Brook attaches the tassels, which she calls "flair." She's making good progress, but Nat already has everything on hers but the wheels and the back seat (thank you, onscreen checklist). She interviews that it took a while to satisfy the shop owner, Mr. Teka (that's what she-- oh, forget it). After getting a no, she starts checking everything over again. At least she did better than Jill and Nick on the chain.

Chad and Stephanie arrive at the Road Block, and he tells her she's doing this by saying, "I believe in you." From the sidelines, he starts yelling at Nat, "You should be able to get this easy! How's that PhD helping you?" Nat interviews, "For the record, I have an MD. I d not have a PhD." Chad keeps mocking, "Big smart doctor can't put a bicycle together." Yes, he can be all indignant because he never would have U-Turned Nat and Kat, given the chance. The half-dozen times he said he would do exactly that were just talking. Nat tells him it wasn't personal; "You were the only team behind us."

I'm going to pause for a moment here to give Nat this week's prize as the sweatiest racer; everyone's shirts have been covered in damp spots for a while now (including even Phil's, because the poor guy never gets to wear a t-shirt), but Nat's is uniformly saturated. She interviews that she felt like she was on a football field, about to be tackled. Welcome to Stephanie's future. Chad assures us, "I'm just trying to do what I can to do get us ahead, and get into somebody else's head." He calls out to Stephanie to pass Nat and Kat. "I love you, Chad, " Steph says. Fix your bike, Blondie, you don't owe that jackass shit. Same goes for Nat. Stephanie's working fast, and Claire comments of Brook, "This is all new for her, and she's just killing it, as usual. Once again she impresses me. I'm really, really proud of her, and I'm stoked she's my partner." So it sounds like they made up, possibly to the point where the discussion of who gets the shower first will be moot this time. Nat is belatedly realizing she didn't have all the nuts and bullets in pace for her back wheels, but she' s rectifying that. Mr. Teka rings the bell and gives her their clue, so Team @ is off to the Pit Stop in third place. Going past Chad, they apologize to him, and he says, "No, it's cool, I know." So he really was just messing with their heads, I guess, which makes me hate him a little less. Off go Nat and Kat in a taxi, waving goodbye to a crowd of kids who apparently love Americans, doctors, diabetics, and people who U-Turn Chad.

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