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Screw U -- and U, Too!

"Oh, my God, I'm gonna barf," Claire says with a fresh load of bricks on her head. She does not barf.

Chad and Stephanie have finally found the U-Turn sign. Chad is happy to see Brook and Claire's picture up there, but then sees himself and Stephanie, too. "Shoot, "he says. Sounded to me like he said something else, but far be it from me to argue with the subtitles. Stephanie interviews that it's the worst feeling, "especially when you see who did it to you." Chad and Stephanie go back to the bricks. Whatever else may be going on with the Double U-Turn, at least Dhaka is getting its money's worth in visiting labor from it.

Brook and Claire have finished the bricks, but Claire is still exhausted and longs for a taxi (remember, they have to proceed on foot for this part). "You're not gonna have a very good teammate if I'm passed out," Claire calls from behind. She'll have a quieter one, though.

Chad and Stephanie start carrying bricks. Claire again tells Brook to wait up. "I just have to focus on the ground so I don't, like, spin." Brook says she's exhausted, too. "You just have to dig deep." Claire asks for some positive reassurance, and says hi to a passing kid in the same short breath. So she got some, just not from her partner.

Chad is pushing Stephanie as well. "You gotta get mentally tough and just not think about it! This is do or die right now!" She finally tells him, "Shut the hell up! Stop being such a ____ right now!" Good for her, but why only right now?

Brook and Claire have returned to the U-Turn sign, and now that they're allowed to take a rickshaw, they can focus on arguing more. Claire points out, "I don't run marathons like you. If you wanted a partner like that then you should have chose a different partner." All Brook can say to that is, "Oh, wow." She interviews that it's hard to be empathetic in the moment, "but then when you're done, you're like, that is a lot to ask of anybody." Sitting next to her, Claire looks like she not only agrees, but isn't necessarily over it yet. Back in the rickshaw, Brook announces that she's going to be positive now. Good plan. I'm positive Claire is going to keel over on her at some point.

Chad and Stephanie are still carrying bricks, and she thinks she's going to throw up. "Keep pushing, don't grab so many," Chad advises. At least he's being less of a _____.Team QVC gets o the Road Block. "I'm gonna charge through it like a spider monkey," Brook non sequiturs, apparently having used the rickshaw ride as a chance to get her fifty-eighth wind. Chad and Stephanie are finished with the bricks. "Come on, let's go, please!" Chad yells at the guides, like it's their fault he kept getting lost. They get a count of one hundred, and receive their clue. Walking back, holding hands, she says she's sorry. "Don't be sorry," he says. "You busted your ass. Come on, it ain't over, though." Back to the U-Turn sign, and onto a rickshaw, which he has to help her on by hauling her up by her backpack.

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