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Stephanie's trying to load up the last batch of tins, and asks for more rope to run through the handles. "I'm trying! Shush!" he yells down at her. I'm trying not to read too much into his refusal to give her any slack. Up goes the last batch, and they're on their way.

Nick and Vicki arrive at the Pit Stop in second place, their best ranking so far. I remain flummoxed by their continued survival, but I can at least take comfort in having called this a few legs ago. "So me being nice does pay off," Vick nudges Nick. Oh, so that was what was going on with them? Wow, imagine what they could do if Nick were nice, too. They could have won the whole race tonight, I bet..

Chad and Stephanie finish the "Balanced Meal" Detour in last place, and unlike all the other teams, they have trouble finding the port where the U-Turn sign is. Brook and Claire dump their first loads of bricks, Brook hurrying Claire along as usual. Claire's already fading, so Brook agrees to take more bricks on the next trip. Chad and Stephanie are lost, still, again, forever and ever amen. So Nat and Kat are well ahead by the time they get to the Road Block, and Nat will be doing this. She compares the task to buying things from IKEA: "You feel like you know where they're gonna go and then the piece just isn't exactly the right length or anything." And here I'd thought we were done with That's What She Said.

Brook seems to be carrying twice as many bricks as Claire, and when she gets to the brickyard and squats down to dump her load (heh), she tips to one side, possibly hurting her leg. They have about sixty bricks total. Brook complains that her back is hurting, but Claire tops that by "tingling all over." Brook sees that with a swollen leg, but then they decide to focus on wondering where Chad and Stephanie are.

By coincidence, Chad and Stephanie are wondering the same thing. Stephanie wants to keep walking in the direction they're going, but Chad yells at her, "Stephanie! We don't know where the hell we're goin'! I don't wanna keep going blind, and waste more fricking time than we already have." They find a guy to get directions from, and they keep going, like Stephanie wanted. So how does she react to her vindication? By apologizing to Chad. Chad is magnanimous in victory: "It's okay, shush." Wow, he must be a lot better looking in person.

Nat's having problems getting the bell on the handlebars. That seems to be a common problem, as the bracket just barely seems to fit around far enough to thread the little screw through it straight. But something tells me a bell is nontrivial in Dhaka street traffic. An air horn would probably be better.

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