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"This is the city of Muscat, in the sultanate of Oman," Phil reminds us, segueing from a comment about its "rich history" to Al-Alam Palace, neither of which we learn anything about except for how the latter is "exotic," and also the eighth Pit Stop. Chad and Stephanie, having won the previous leg (and having been pretty damn happy about it, we're reminded), leave at 11:10 AM. They'll be flying 2,000 miles to Bangladesh, specifically Dhaka, which Phil says is the most densely populated city in the world. Must be nice, then, if so many people want to live there. Upon landing, they'll proceed to Sundarban Square Supermarket (which looks nothing like our Western supermarkets, more like an outdoor famer's supermarket, or a supermarketplace). They'll have to find a sugar cane press, which is a hand-cranked machine that squeezes sugar cane like an old-fashioned laundry dryer. Only instead of water, it squeezes out sugar cane juice, a pint of which one team member will have to drink before getting their next clue. Hell, carbonate that shit and I'll take some.

Still on the mat, Stephanie reads from the clue, "Somewhere on this leg you will encounter a Double U-Turn." Whatever that is. Does it mean the team that gets U-Turned has to do both Detours twice? That seems harsh. Anyway, off they go, hailing a taxi and already having decided this far in advance to U-Turn Nat and Kat if they get the chance. Chad interviews that they hope to stay in first the rest of the way, and in the taxi, he adds, "And I just don't want to lose to a pair of girls, too." Stephanie laughs instead of elbowing his sexist ass.

Jill and Thomas are leaving at 11:27, which means they arrived at the Pit Stop 13 minutes ahead of Chad and Stephanie, not counting their 30-minute penalty. They're also hoping to get to the U-Turn first, figuring that other teams will want to U-Turn them. Which may be true, but not necessarily for the reasons they think.

Nick and Vicki are leaving at 12:57 PM, which is a hell of a gap. In the cab, Vicki's excited about Bangladesh, but Nick's not excited about the Double U-Turn. As though they have anything to fear. Why waste a U-Turn on a team that should have self-destructed six or seven legs ago in the first place?

Chad and Stephanie arrive at the airport and go into a travel agency office, where they learn that they can get a flight that will have them in Bangladesh tomorrow at 12:00 PM. Jill and Thomas arrive while the agent is still doing the typing, and get on the same flight. Are you thinking, so much for the airport? Think again.

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