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Hey, Guys, Wait Up

Charla and Mirna arrive at the batik just as Dustin and Kandice are finishing up the stamping. The nice lady reviews it for them and tells them it looks good, so they can start dyeing. As Oswald and Danny walk toward the batik, Oswald is explaining to the camera about switching Detours, and you can tell he's really stressed out about it. (He, of course, doesn't know the location of the missing you-know-who.) And Danny is still muttering, "It can't be that difficult." So Oswald stops and says they can go back. Even though Danny is in the wrong, he's the much angrier guy right now, and he's telling Oswald that when you piss someone off, it takes time to cool off and so forth. They decide to go back to the cookies. NO! Dammit.

Eric and Pink continue to wait out the Yield.

The BQs dye their fabric pink. Mirna says she'll do the stamping, because Charla's arms are too short. At this point, Mirna gives the most wonderful, wildly passive-aggressive interview where she's like, "Hey, if Charla can't pull her weight, that's cool, because we're a team." Of course, if she didn't have Charla with her, she (1) wouldn't be on the show, (2) wouldn't be able to grotesquely beg for pity (though I'm glad this season that she has refrained from openly begging for pity based on Charla's size, which is a welcome change), (3) wouldn't be free to stamp "martyr" on her own forehead, and (4) would probably be arrested for freaking out at a taxi driver. So really, she should be thankful. Anyway, the BQs finish their batik and get approval. The clue they receive tells them to head six miles by taxi to Taman Sri Hartamas, a neighborhood where they'll find a newspaper truck and a clue box nearby. As the BQs leave, Charla laments that she and Mirna burned so much time on the cookie option.

At the cookies, Oswald is beginning to despair. Eric and Pink are still back at the Yield, fuming. Danny tells Oswald that they can still leave if he wants, but Oswald says that if this is what Danny wants, then they'll do this. After one more check-in with Eric and Pink, Danny says that because he and Oswald can't agree on what the Detour entails, they need to go with the other option. They leave. Finally.

Eric and Pink's Yield is up, so they read the clue for the Detour. They're all about the cookies, and again, I cannot imagine why. Eric seems to think that they will be able to dump the cookies out to see which one has the black center. That will not work, dear heart. Cookies aren't transparent.

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