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Hey, Guys, Wait Up

Charla and Mirna get out of their cab and arrive at the cookie Detour. "Hopefully, we'll find it after two boxes," Mirna says as she observes what 600 boxes of cookies actually look like. Danny and Oswald are on the bus. The BQs, too, hop on a bus, and the driver assures them that they can get to the caves on it. They're quite nervous, because they have no idea where the other teams are. We call this Esquire Memorial Loneliness Panic. Eric and Pink get their bus as well, but it's not leaving for about ten minutes.

Mirna and Charla eat cookies. You can see in the background that people are gathering around to watch them. I can imagine little that would be less entertaining than watching other people throw half-eaten cookies on the ground, but then, maybe it's a cultural thing.

And now, for a quick tour of how everyone is doing. Danny and Oswald arrive at the caves and climb to the clue box; they leave. Eric and Pink's bus leaves Putra. The BQs are next to get to the caves and run up the steps. They're fascinated momentarily by a nearby monkey, as can happen. Unfortunately, they bustle by a guy who looks like he might be praying, which is always a little uncomfortable. Mid-prayer is not a good time to look up at the camera like, "Hi, Mom!" They read the clue and head back down, staying well ahead of the monkey. They hop in a cab. On the way to the mosque, they discuss whether to try to Yield either Oswald and Danny or Eric and Pink. (Not knowing, of course, that Danny and Oswald are ahead of them at the moment.) They ultimately conclude that Eric and Pink are the "bigger threat," particularly physically. "They're going to hate us forever," Kandice says, and she laughs uncomfortably. Meanwhile, Eric and Pink pick up their clue at the caves and see the admonition regarding the upcoming Yield. Peril!

Oswald and Danny have arrived at the mosque, so now they just have to hunt for the clue. They're having one of those legs where there's a lot of cluttering brain fog, so they kind of wander the streets as the BQs approach. The BQs actually spot Oswald and Danny, but the BQs also spot the clue box from the cab, so they know right where to go when they get out, so they've taken over second place from Oswald and Danny. When they get to the Yield box, they grit their teeth and decide to Yield Eric and Pink, so they plaster Eric and Pink's big picture to the front of the sign, then their own little picture under "Courtesy Of." "It's pure strategy, it's nothing personal," they note. But it's not clean! How can she live with herself! Once they're done administering the Yield, the BQs quite rightly head straight for the batik, making them the only team all day that will do the obviously sensible thing with very little waffling. This is not the time for cookie nonsense or the introduction of luck. And you know, they go on foot to the Detour option, just like they're supposed to. It's amazing what reading will do. As they run, their much more polite conversation can be translated as, "Six hundred boxes of cookies? Fuck that noise."

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