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Hey, Guys, Wait Up

The BQs get off the train at Sentul. They are cautioned that the bus station is "quite far," and they begin to worry about exactly what Nick has done to them here. Meanwhile, Oswald chats up a guy on the train who tells him to get off the train at Central Market, rather than at Putra. So we watch as Oswald and Danny break up with Eric and Pink and disembark at Central Market. On the train, Eric is aware that this has happened, but he's chosen to stick with the advice they originally had and hope it pans out.

On the way to the mosque, Mirna is talking about how she and Charla are not going to Yield anyone, because they want to play "clean." Apparently, she has forgotten that the Yield is part of the rules, and therefore is as "clean" as jumping someone else's piece when you're playing checkers or collecting rent in Monopoly. They get out of their cab at the mosque and start looking, and Charla spots the clue box on a bridge over the road. When they reach the Yield mat, Mirna says they're not Yielding anyone. Of course, if they were actually fighting to stay in the race, the entire "clean" thing would vanish. It's awfully easy for them -- for Mirna, really -- to talk like using the Yield is dirty when they know they don't need it. If they needed it, they'd use it, as they should. At any rate, the clue is a Detour, and the choices are Artistic Expression and Cookie Confection, in a dangerous return to the stupid, twee, icky-poo rhyming Detour options of the past. In the first one, you go a third of a mile on foot to an open area where you use batik to copy a pattern onto cloth and then dye it. In the second one, you go a half-mile on foot to a stall where you bite into 600 boxes of cookies looking for one that has a licorice center. Not one box has licorice centers -- one cookie. Out of 600 boxes. I cannot imagine what would possess any team to choose this Detour option, I really can't. It's farther away and it looks like it would take infinitely longer. Nevertheless, Mirna and Charla decide to go with the cookies. It's the lure of sugar, man. We are all vulnerable.

Oswald and Danny get a bus to the Batu Caves, as Danny notes that the three teams from their flight all took different routes to the caves. The BQs are at a bus stop, but not a bus station, so they're getting increasingly nervous. Nick sucks! Eric and Pink, meanwhile, get off the train at Putra and look for the bus.

Charla and Mirna joke around in the cab they are taking to the Detour. The cab! They are taking!

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