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Commercials. David Caruso is so not in my orbit. And I think I like it that way.

When we return from commercials, Uchenna and Joyce learn that their flight is gone, and they are screwed. And, much worse, it turns out that there are not good options for other flights at any time in the remotely foreseeable future. "This really sucks," Joyce mutters. She just hopes that bad things happen to everyone else, too. An interesting version of sharing your karma.

But at 4:45 AM, Mirna and Charla are in Kuala Lumpur. First place! Boo! Things are just not going the way I wanted. Phil explains that they'll now take the train and bus to the Batu Caves, but they have to figure out how best to get there. Charla says that locals on the plane told them the best way to get to the caves, so they're on the train to Putra. She's very happy that they have a couple of hours on the other teams. When they get off the train, they run for a bus that says "Batu Caves" on it, and they actually manage to flag down the driver at the very last minute, all part of their Leg Of Charmed Timing. If they're really praying to their dead relatives, this is apparently the leg where said dead relatives really kicked up their efforts. "This one goes Batu Caves?" Mirna Pidgins, and the driver affirms, so they get on. So much for new leaf. This old leaf? You keep old leaf? You keep!

At 7:25 AM, the flight with Eric and Pink, Danny and Oswald, and the BQs lands. The BQs have hooked up with Nick, a local who is leading them through the airport, and who will later write a blog entry called "The Day Two Hot Babes From TV Totally Followed Me Around." For Oswald's part, he says he did research at the hotel, so they are also taking a train to Putra. Eric and Pink get the same advice from a guy in the airport. The BQs, it turns out, have been given directions for a different train, so we'll have to see how this pans out. Nick's reputation is at stake! Eric notes as he's standing on the platform with Danny and Oswald that the BQs are nowhere to be seen. The BQs are, in fact, taking a train to Sentul. On the train, the BQs dish to the camera that nobody knows for sure where Charla and Mirna are, and nobody knows whether Uchenna and Joyce made that crazy-ass connection or not. Eric and Pink and Danny and Oswald get the train to Putra.

Charla and Mirna get off the bus at Batu Caves, which appears to be a bustling attraction made up of many, many steps, occasional people praying, and monkeys. Here, we call that the State Capitol. Hotcha! There are many steps to climb to get to the clue box, and Charla comments, "They definitely don't need a Stairmaster in their country." Assuming they come here every day, I guess they don't. Charla and Mirna pull out a clue that tells them to take a taxi to a mosque. Phil says this is a ten-mile trip, and when they get there, they'll find a clue in "the nearby streets." Uh-oh. That sounds dangerous for somebody. You never know what the nearby streets have up their nearby sleeves. The clue also warns of a Yield coming up, which is never good news. Phil explains the dumb idea of the Yield, in case you successfully managed to forget about it. You can only use it once, the other team has to wait for the hourglass... you know the drill. As Mirna and Charla go to find a taxi, Charla comments that she's "dripping sweat" from the stairs. That should bring out some interesting fetishists. Mirna orders Charla to run, and Charla says she can't, but Mirna corrects her and points out that she is mistaken regarding whether she can run or not. It must be great having Mirna around in case you're wrong about how you feel. They get a taxi.

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