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At the airport, Eric and Pink run into the BQs, and Eric is bitching some more about Charla and Mirna not sharing the computers. Oh my God, get over it, little boy. You can kind of tell the BQs aren't impressed with his complaining, considering that all Kandice offers is a wry, "Smart little girls." Kandice really needs to learn to be more gratuitously mean. She doesn't really fit in. Charla and Mirna then arrive at the airport, and for once, they seem to treat their cab driver nicely and appropriately. Maybe they've turned over a new leaf! No more griping! No more funny accents! Inside, Dustin and Kandice book the same route through Paris that Danny and Oswald are taking, as do Eric and Pink. Owing to the universe's taste for irony, while Eric and Pink are waiting to book, Mirna asks to butt in front of them to ask a question. Eric sees his opportunity and reminds her that if we don't share computers, we don't share ticket agents. In an interview, Mirna has no choice but to admit that he has a point. I think she has enough sense, weirdly enough, that if you can directly compel her to compare her behavior to someone else's within an hour or so of when both occur, she can be made to see the parallels. After that, it all gets a little hazy and other people start to smell suspiciously like criminals.

Uchenna and Joyce arrive at the airport, then Oswald and Danny. As Uchenna and Joyce pick up their tickets, the BQs poke their heads into the office to try to figure out what flight they're on. The teams proceed to have a chat in which Uchenna and Joyce own up to the very short connection time they've signed up for, and Eric kind of rides them about the fact that everyone has to check in 45 minutes early for an international flight, meaning that they've left themselves a 15-minute cushion. He's exactly right, of course, and what they've done here just is... not smart, and I'm not just saying that because I know what happens. It's all kind of prickly, as Eric is all "you're braver than me" in a way that really means "so long, suckers." Joyce doesn't want to hear it, because she knows he's right, but Uchenna tells us that he's "optimistic about it."

Charla and Mirna leave, connecting through Warsaw and Vienna. Uchenna and Joyce leave, hoping against hope that they can make that tight connection. And on the third flight, we have Danny and Oswald, the BQs, and Eric and Pink. And then before you know it, we are in Frankfurt with Uchenna and Joyce, who need to check in ASAP for that next flight. Uchenna explains, in news from the Bad News Division, that their flight landed ten minutes late. They hustle to something called the "Lastminute Center," which is apparently in charge of bending time. I seriously cannot think of a place I would be less eager to work, other than one threatening physical injury, than the "Lastminute Center" at an airport. It's like signing up to run the Comcast Complaint Department. Like, kiss your sanity goodbye and wear a face mask, because people spit. Anyway, the Lastminute Center is not so helpful, because it turns out that what they are in is not the last minute. It is something past the last minute. Indeed, it is too late. Uchenna is connected with an airline representative, and he busts out "our life depends on it," which I always believe is a way to jinx yourself big time, and then it is time for commercials.

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