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At any rate, the teams hesitate over what to do, but when Oswald and Danny blanch at the short layover, they hear news of a better connection. Going from Krakow to Paris means an 8:00 AM departure time, getting them to Kuala Lumpur at 7:25 AM. They quickly conclude that a 45-minute difference isn't going to be life-threatening at this point, particularly since there has to be at least someone else who isn't going to want to gamble on a one-hour layover. They discuss the fact that if they choose Paris, they're not stuck sweating out a very unrealistic connection. Uchenna and Joyce, however, decide to book the flight with the one-hour connection. I think that is a very, very poor piece of decision-making, considering the relatively small lead they will get if this works out and the great unlikelihood that it would last very long. I mean, a 45-minute lead isn't going to do anything but stand you in good stead for this leg at the most, and an hour isn't even really comfortable for a connection at O'Hare, let alone in Frankfurt. It seems crazy, but they do it anyway.

2:52 AM. Dustin and Kandice. Dustin interviews that sometimes, they feel like they're barely hanging on, and other times, they feel like they're doing great. I know the feeling, although not in the same context. They grab a taxi and head for the airport.

3:16 AM. Charla and Mirna. Mirna interviews that when teams are together, everybody tries to copy, and she and Charla would never "resort to dirty gameplay." Apparently, copying and spying wouldn't include trying to find out whether your friend Rob is on a particular flight or not, because I do recall her doing that. She snots that of course, she and Charla rely solely on their own skills. And, of course, on strangers taking pity on two young girls of just 30. They seek out some computers to try to book online.

3:22 AM. Eric and Danielle. She reveals that they are getting $131 for the leg. Eric interviews that logically, the person you're with a lot is going to be the person you pick on, which is a fascinating way to look at your relationships. Like, obviously, how much I yell at you and put you down is going to be directly proportional to how much time I spend with you -- what's your point? Pink's breasts look enormous in this interview -- much more distracting than they usually are. She's showing a lot of them, and I think what this really demonstrates is that she's usually pretty covered up, because they're usually not this attention-getting. Except to Eric. This team, too, decides to seek out internet access. When they head into the hotel, they find that Charla and Mirna are occupying the two computers in the hotel, and won't share. I have to say, as long as they're both actually using the computers, I don't know why they would need to share. There's no rule requiring you to use only one computer per team, and there's no way Eric would feel otherwise if the situation were reversed. But of course, he's all whiny anyway about the fact that Mirna and Charla won't give up one of the machines. Eric and Danielle go to the airport, bitching in the cab about how Charla and Mirna are "rude." Which they are, but this is an exceedingly poor example. Eric and Pink are coming across, interestingly enough, as total babies. I haven't seen a pair of human beings require this much hand-holding since my eight- and five-year-old nephews were taken to the zoo. Several years ago.

Mirna finds a flight arriving in Kuala Lumpur at 9:25 AM, but she rejects that. Oswald and Danny leave for the airport with their reservations in hand. Mirna decides that "the best one" is an itinerary arriving at 4:45 AM. For whatever reason, nobody else who should be knowledgeable was able to put that itinerary together, but I guess Mirna has mad Travelocity skillz and types better than anyone else. You've got to give it up for her: one way or another, she finds flights. She's not good at much else -- she's kind of the Rain Man of online booking -- but for whatever reason, she harangues or wheedles or hacks her way into the best flight, almost always. Unfortunately, on the way to the airport, she kind of steps on her own moment by gloating about how awesome she is.

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