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Hey, Guys, Wait Up

Danny returns, and while Oswald is supportive, there aren't enough papers there. Oswald tries to tease about "do you see why I wanted my big strong boy to do this?", and Danny's still all grumpy, with, "Quiet, Oswald." Oswald quiets down. Told that he needs about twice as many as he has, Danny says to Oswald, "You know I'm hating you right now." Oswald is like, "yeah, yeah," and Danny says, "Hating you... with a passion, hating you." "Haaaaating you," Danny singsongs, and Oswald wonders whether anyone has a rope he can hang himself with. Oh, don't do anything drastic.

Commercials. What if we all said yes to real food, like mayonnaise? Somehow, I'm not sure that would be that great.

When we come back, Danny is still pedaling around. He picks up some more papers. We then check in with Pink, who tells us that she needs four more "hands" worth, then crashes her bike into the curb, which disables it somewhat. So now it's her broken-down bike and her broken-down spirit, and all she gets at the end is Eric. That sucks. Danny stops somewhere, collects some papers, and also asks for a glass of water. The two of them pedal around trying to find what papers are left.

Charla and Mirna. Pit stop. Welcome, you are team number two. And bully for you. Now, you had better be receiving a penalty that will be mentioned at the beginning of the next leg, or somebody is in big trouble. If the actions leading to a penalty are clearly shown, the penalty should be shown, because otherwise, I just might start to suspect that the show is as reluctant as it seems to be to do anything that would imperil the Charla and Mirna victory that the show so obviously thinks we are all pulling for. I don't know who it is on high who loves this team, but somebody does. Come to think of it, it's not so much that said person is on high as that he or she is high.

Danny buys old newspapers from a gas station. Pink collects more from residents. Danny actually winds up giving all his money to the gas station guy. Not sure about the wisdom of that one. They both wind up with adequate papers, and they both head back to the truck. Pink's bike is not doing well, and she and Danny both are pushing their papers back. As Pink pushes, she whines that "every Roadblock that is designed for a guy" she winds up doing. Eric concurs while joking with Oswald that he does the easy ones, although he doesn't necessarily attach gender to it as she does. "And every Roadblock for a girl, he does," Pink continues. "He's a woman." The amount of gender identity obsession experienced by Eric and Pink is like nothing I have ever seen outside of the Oberlin Drag Ball. Pink makes it back first, and she has enough, so they can leave for the pit stop, but not before she says, "Why am I doing the Detours [sic]?" He laughs and says they didn't have any way of knowing what it was.

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