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In a scene I love, the BQs are in a cab on the way to the pit stop when Dustin tells Kandice that she had a paper route as a kid. Nobody who's totally spoiled had a paper route, and I think a lot of people equate "pageant" with "princess." It's cool she had a job. They arrive at the mansion and run up the drive toward Phil. Phil and the pretty greeter welcome them. For whatever reason, Phil really loves dragging out the suspense here before breaking the news that the BQs are team number one. They jump up and down happily. They've each won a scooter (again!), and Phil thinks winning must feel great. Kandice says they don't want to get "overconfident," but if they keep going, things look good. Agreed.

Mirna takes someone's newspapers while telling her that all the newspapers she has are really cluttering her house. It's remarkable how she can say things like that and clearly see absolutely no reason why it might be rude. The woman sort of looks amused, but in a humoring sort of way, and I'm not sure you're entitled to expect that when you're in someone else's house. I'm surprised she's not digging through the lady's medicine cabinet. Pink picks up some newspapers as well. Danny rides around and asks. He even honks his little horn. But he's not getting huge quantities of stuff, and Mirna is. Mirna recruits a bunch of local folks who start helping her with the newspapers. Danny rides by and can't believe how many newspapers Mirna already has. Pink also gets quite a few from one kid. She figures she has enough, so she heads back. When she gets there, Eric calls her "helmet-head" while asking if the stack is tall enough. I will be kind enough not to say anything about the fact that she should actually be called "backwards-helmet-head." Well, I won't say anything else. She says they'll have to see about the amount. He tells her it's not nearly enough, and guesses she has about half of what she needs. Which turns out to be correct.

So Mirna returns to the truck with her enormous pile of papers, being assisted by a couple of kids. She yells to Charla that this is "Team Charla/Mirna." "These are the future Charlas and Mirnas of the world," Mirna accuses, pointing to her helpers. As she and Charla are about to get in the cab, she tells them, "Stay out of drugs, go to school, be a professional, and you're in good shape." God knows that's the only way to be happy. If there's a drop in youth drug use in Malaysia in the next few years, you'll know why. They leave for the pit stop blowing kisses. "Good riddance" doesn't even begin to describe it.

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