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Are you noticing that we're missing a team? I forget their names.

Like Charla and Mirna, Eric and Pink take a taxi to the Detour. Elsewhere, Danny and Oswald arrive at the batik, and Oswald says they shouldn't "argue or bicker." They meet up with Charla and Mirna, who aren't too happy to see them, really. Danny mentions that he didn't anticipate being "in a sweatshop in Malaysia." Heh.

Eric and Pink find the cookies. They start to bite, and it seems perfectly clear to them that they have to bite every cookie. I think Danny had a mental block. Eric asks whether he can drink milk with his four gazillion cookies. Seriously... if each of those boxes contains thirty cookies, which looks about right to me, you would have a total of 18,000 cookies there. If you and your partner could each bite one per second, you could get through a little more than 7000 cookies in an hour. So after an hour, you will not have bitten half of them, and the odds are against you finding the magic one in that time, even at that probably unrealistic one-per-second clip maintained over an hour. I'm really thinking the batik would be faster.

The BQs arrive at the newspaper truck and find the clue box and open the clue for a Roadblock. Wearing a dapper red shirt, Phil explains that this task involves dabbling in Malaysia's "eco-friendly policy of recycling." You may be envisioning something with sorting through filthy plastic bottles, but we're talking about something a little less likely to... give you hepatitis. Here, you take a bicycle with a side cart, and you go around the neighborhood collecting and/or buying everyone's old newspapers. When you have a stack eight hands high, you're done. That's a nice touch, measuring in hands, which isn't standard in this neck of the woods. Kandice gets ready to leave, and Dustin points out that the clue tells her she can yell out "Surat Khabar Lama," which means "old newspapers." It's nice that they provided that, since it isn't likely that anyone's quick Malaysian phrase book necessarily has "old newspapers" in the first few pages. We then cut to Kandice, happily biking through the streets yelling out her assigned phrase. I will say this for her: she has a durable sense of chipperhood.

Pink is "gnawwww-seous from these cookies." Danny and Oswald get their batik-stamping checked, but it turns out they did one too many repeats of the pattern, so they have to start over. Ay, dios mio! Mirna happily notes their mistake.

For some reason, Kandice's newspaper hunting in the streets of Malaysia is accompanied by oompah music. She finds a customer and runs in to help pick up papers. One guy who comes out to help her says, "You should have no problem with getting free newspaper." "No?" she says cheerfully as she goes to tie up the bundle. "The way you look, yeah," he says. Sigh. She takes this very gracefully, with a sort of sighing "thanks" chuckle.

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