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Previously on When Cameramen Drink Too Much: Rob and Brennan wore hats so ugly that they caused static on FM radio stations and interfered with the locals' DirecTV. Frank and Margarita went all googly-moogly snuggling on a chair by the pool. Phil says that "the exotic setting sparked" this reunion, which I think is pretty dopey, considering that the pool was at what looked to be the Indian version of the Holiday Inn. Cab drivers weren't all they were cracked up to be, but rats sure were. Nancy filled out the comment card for her train compartment, and under "During My Next Visit, I Would Enjoy…" she checked the box next to "Less Vomit On The Pillow." Team Guido missed the train, and there was much rejoicing. Rob had a hissyfit. Momily landed in last place. Phil played with his GameBoy and plotted his revenge against his agent for getting him this crappy-ass gig.

We get some footage of the teams resting at the pit stop, which isn't too noteworthy, except that Nancy looks especially nice, and Rob's Torture Of Miss Alli By Headwear continues as he once again dons a backwards baseball cap that calls to mind a twelve-year-old in the middle of TP-ing every tree in your yard. Furthermore, there's what looks to be some wine on the table, and I certainly don't blame anyone who's taking this opportunity to drink. Phil ponders whether Guido or Momily will bite the dust, or whether one of the lead teams will make a "fatal error." Hey -- my computer has those all the time. We get a quick glimpse at an old shot of the Hating-Hats, and I have to thank Bruckheimer or van Munster or whoever my protector is in this matter, because this is the last time you have to see them today for any length of time.

Credits. Music from the upcoming film Iron Chef 4: Roasting Bobby Flay.

Commercials. Robert Redford and Brad Pitt in the same spy movie. Mmmmm…multigenerational eye candy. (There are no women in the commercial, which I suspect is because Robert Redford would have to be placed with someone who is a Hollywood-appropriate number of years younger than he is, such as Julia Stiles, and in order to maintain the proper age proportions, Pitt would then have to be placed with someone who won't even be born for another five years.)

BOMP! BOMP! BOMP! goes the music. Drunken cameramen careen around the palace where the teams are camped out, which Phil explains was built by the last of the maharajas. We are informed that the teams have traveled 21,000 miles so far. Phil prattles about clues and route markers while the Mysterious Exposition Hands lovingly caress the route marker and GET ON WITH IT ALREADY! Ahem. Sorry.

4:50 PM. Drew and Kevin. In an apparent attempt to emulate the Guidos' success, Team Shower-Fresh Scent has decided that this would be a good day to match. Well, almost match. And their clothes don't say "Team Shower-Fresh Scent" on them. Other than that, it's a good effort. Incidentally, Kevin also has a backwards baseball cap, but for whatever reason, his isn't a problem. Go figure the fickleness of me. One last note: Check out the Incredible Shrinking Kevin. If you've got tapes, look at the first episode. Okay, now look at Kevin. See? Anyway, they open the clue, and Drew reads that it says to go to the Temple of Dawn in Bangkok. Phil tells us Bangkok is in Thailand. Thanks, Phil. With the help of the drunken careening cameramen, he goes on to explain the Fast Forward, too, and you know what that means. He tells us that the only two teams who still have the FF available are Momily and Guido. Thanks, but actually, I knew that too. SERIOUSLY, GET ON WITH IT! Kevin voices over, in an interview clip we've heard before, that he loves the heck out of Momily, as we see footage of Nancy hugging the Frats goodbye. As he hugs her, Kevin tells Nancy where the FF is. He does this very James-Bond-ily into her ear, like it's illegal, but I'm not sure it is. I seem to recall that in the episode where the EDG alliance burst into flames, one of the things that The Frank Formerly Known As Loud And Pushy said was that Esquire had been asking them to read the clue out loud when they got it, since they were a few minutes ahead. I'm not sure sharing the clue info is illegal, so I'm wondering whether the Guidos are around and Kevin doesn't want them to hear. Either way, he feeds Nancy the good word. In an interview, she tells us that she and Emily know they're up against it, and it's basically Fast Forward or bust for them.

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