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Bin Ein Berliner

Max cautions Katie not to bang her letter against a traffic pole as they cross a street, but she promptly does. No damage, luckily for her. They make it to a hotel, and -- still draped with their letters like they barely escaped with their lives from a terrorist attack on Sesame Street -- flag down a bellhop through the revolving doors that they can't possibly enter right now to get directions from her. While waiting, Katie lowers herself to a half-crouch to rest. "Don't be uncomfortable!" Max snaps at her. Whatever that means.

Mona & Beth find the letters and decide to take an "n" and a "u," which of course look pretty similar to each other once they're looped over their shoulders. "Mona and I love to schlep things!" Beth says happily as they load themselves up. Plus I'm sure the people at the Museum of Letters will be thrilled at being able to spell "quon."

Team YouTube drives up to the train museum, which has a WWII-era bomber perched on the roof for easy identification. Seems like a bit of mission drift to me. The place looks pretty abandoned and the teeniest bit, except for that conductor whom they find after a semi-brief search. At which point, the place gets slightly creepier. They see the disassembled train kit stacked up in front of them on a 5x10 piece of floor paneling, which the clue says they have to fit all the pieces inside the borders of. The station and one curved stretch of track are already in place in the corner, so they're not starting quite from zero. Soon they're having enough fun to compare it to Christmas morning.

Anthony, Bates, Caroline and Jennifer grab a "v", an "r," a "k" and an "s," respectively. "Definitely going to pay extra postage for this," Bates dad-jokes about his giant letter. They're soon on their way. But Max & Katie have already reached the Buchstaben Museum. They get inside the mall that contains the museum -- a totally foreign concept to them -- and find the letters museum. The place is filled with big neon signs crammed in there, looking way too big in an enclosed room rather than hovering above a highway like they're supposed to be, but that's not Max's quarrel with the place. He declares, "It was, like, the nerds hangout, like once every Monday they get together and go to this museum or something and smoke a pipe." I'm sure that Berliners interested in signage and typography are heartbroken by his attitude. The curator welcomes them in and approves the condition of their letters in excellent English and hands them their next clue. Which tells them to drive themselves to the Salon Zur Wilden Renate, where they'll have to finds their next clue at the entrance to the Peristal Singum. They head back to the car, Katie hoping for the sake of the other racers that the train Detour was horrible, too.

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