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Bin Ein Berliner

Mona & Beth are approaching the hotel and even in the evening darkness, Beth doesn't fail to notice something sticking out over the high roof. Joey's on his way down, doing his best to shatter every window in the building with his high-pitched squeals. "Again, again!" he cheers as he approaches the ground. Getting the Detour clue, they decide to go with the train option.

The hockey brothers and the country singers are approaching the hotel separately, but at nearly the same time. The next thing we see is Beth coming down, screaming in the extreme close-up from her body-cam. Once she and Mona are both on the ground, they decide on Font Follies.

Max & Katie are almost to the pickup spot for the letter task and at night, a small forest of five-foot-high lower-case letters standing on the sidewalk blinking rapidly in red and yellow are hard to miss. Max reads from the clue that once they choose a letter they can't switch, so he suggests they pick something they can hang over themselves, like an o and a b. Max asks her if they're too heavy, but she's not feeling overburdened yet. "Ask me again after a few blocks." Soon they're running down the street with Max wearing his "o" like a giant, rigid necklace and Katie with her head through the upside-down "b," so that all the passing motorists will see is a bouncing, blinking, "oq."

On the sidewalk outside the Park Inn, Mona & Beth run into Team YouTube and ask where they're going for the Detour. Meghan says they're still trying to figure out how to get to the train station. A blurry-faced local recommends in subtitled German that they drive there and Beth says she and Mona need to go find theirs. They encounter Team Newlywed on the way, with Max in the lead so that they now spell "qo." The derby moms are not only amused at the sight but reassured that they're headed in the right direction. So get qoing, already.

Bates does his drop and Jennifer isn't at all excited about hers. "This is worse than bungee jumping, she says." She interviews that she's not an adrenalin junkie like everyone else, and she endures the ride down with her eyes clenched. Bates & Anthony, now also on the ground, are going with "Font Follies." So do Caroline & Jennifer, once the former is on the ground. The brothers catch up with the singers on the street and decide to follow them to the Font Follies Detour. Caroline interviews that they weren't terribly excited about this, because if it came down to a footrace for last place they'd lose. Cracks are forming in the alliance.

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