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Bin Ein Berliner

Joey and Meghan get to the Brandenburg Gate clue box in second place, then Mona & Beth in third place. Bates & Anthony show up fourth, and the derby moms point them right to the clue box as they're leaving. "They better pay us back for that," Beth says as they run back to their car. They won't. You two are cute, but you're not single blonde country singers. Speaking of whom, Caroline and Jennifer are the last team to find the Gate, acting as intellectually exhausted from the task as if they just had to take a calculus final.

By now, it's completely dark outside. Kate has been fitted with a body cam as she walks out onto a long platform hanging over the side of the hotel, with a crane poised directly overhead. Soon she's off the platform, dangling face down from the crane and after a moment they let her drop. It's slower than a bungee jump and they slow her down well before the ground. She doesn't appear to have been scared for even a moment. Not the case for Max, who looks like he's clenching the whole way. So now that both newlyweds have successfully been lowered to the ground, they've "earned" a clue sending them to a Detour. "Berlin welcomes millions of visitors every year to its museums and galleries," Phil says. "Teams will now get a chance to visit two of the city's museums by choosing 'Train Trials' or 'Font Follies.'" For the train task, they'll go to a train museum that is "home to Berlin's foremost collection of locomotives and rail cars." They'll have to set up a model train kit from scratch, using all the parts, run it for a complete circuit and then get their next clue from a bewhiskered train conductor rocking a three-piece uniform and a pointy mustache. For "Font Follies," they'll have to carry two giant electric sign letters from a market stand surrounded by the blinking things to the Museum of Letters in Berlin, "without shattering their letters." They must be battery-powered, because they'll be blinking the whole way. If they deliver them undamaged, they receive their next clue from the museum curator. That's the one Max & Katie go for.

Joey & Meghan arrive at the Park Inn. "Are we jumping off this building?" Joey asks as they get on the elevator. Once they're reached the roof, Meghan either says "High building" or "Hi, building" -- it's hard to tell from her inflection. As we see her being led to the edge of the jump platform, which is really more of a lean-forward-and-then-dangle platform, she interviews that she's an "extreme adrenalin junkie," but is a little nervous about splatting on the sidewalk. Well, hence the adrenalin. Joey plotzes as he watches her drop, "This is the ultimate free fall!" It's really not. The ultimate free fall would not include a cable.

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