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Bin Ein Berliner

Meghan remarks to Joey that it's 182 kilometers. He complains about how far that is, and we've already established that driving themselves from one place to another isn't Team YouTube's biggest strength. Merging onto the highway, Beth & Mona debate whether the A on the road signs stands for "autobahn" or "Aaaaagh, these people are driving really fast!" I always assumed the former was German for the latter.

The country singers see Bates & Anthony coming up behind them in their rearview mirror, which they're happy about. Both teams talk about how much they like racing together but are still in competition with each other. "We're not gonna just throw all of our love around all day," Jennifer vows. No, just in the one direction.

Berlin appears in b-roll form, in all of its Albert Speer-meets-Glasnost-era-graffiti glory. They reach the famous Brandenburg gate with its many columns topped by the bronze sculpture, an impressive enough sight that it gets b-roll all its own. And look, there's the spot where Jonathan shoved Victoria! The daylight is beginning to fail as Max & Katie, on foot, find a clue box standing in the adjoining plaza. Max is happy to see all the clues still in there and Katie reads that they have to make their way to the rooftop of the Park Inn Hotel in Berlin Alexanderplatz. She wouldn't be reading it so calmly if she could see how tall that building is. Driving there, Max is just focusing on how they're still in first place. At least he's making the most of this rare experience.

The country singers and the hockey brothers appear to have also reached Berlin, but they don't know how to find the Brandenburg Gate without stopping for directions. Both teams stop and get help from a guy carrying a shopping bag. But Anthony seems to be the only one of the Fab Four paying attention, so the country singers follow his lead when they all get back into their cars. Except they get separated at the first traffic light. Jennifer is completely thrown by this, as though they're not still in a city full of people who all probably know exactly where its second-most-famous landmark is.

After the ads, Jennifer thinks the boys did that on purpose and bitterly decides that this is a sign of how things are going to be, as Caroline suggests asking at a nearby Waldorf Astoria. Hey, remember how you left them back in Dresden? Was that not how things are going to be?

It's getting properly dark as Max & Katie spot the Park Inn, which towers over the neighboring buildings and is topped by a neon sign that can be read from a mile away. They park and hurry inside to board Lift A to the roof. Phil says that from there, the teams will "base fly, plunging 37 stories back to the ground, where the jumpmaster will hand them their next clue." Base flying appears to be similar to bungee jumping, except the jumper is attached to a cable that reels out instead of expanding, and then slows them down just before hitting the ground. In theory. I bet the words "in theory" are totally banned from use by bungee jump operators, base flying operators, parachute instructors and Phil. Team Newlywed makes it to the roof and Max thinks they're going to BASE jump, which is kind of different. Katie says she has to pee and Max advises her to prepare to pee her pants, then. Looks like it's going to be a rainy night in Berlin.

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