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Joey & Meghan are the next to be delivered by taxi to the Amazing Parking Lot. The country singers are right behind them, but Caroline and Jennifer dilly-dally while Team YouTube moves purposefully for once and claims their clue in second place. Not that it matters, because once they're in their cars, both teams prove utterly ignorant about the source of what is probably Reagan's most famous quote. In fact, Meghan thinks it might have been Roosevelt. Or maybe she's just going with the name shared by the two presidents who served for the greatest number of combined years (yes, I realize she probably doesn't know that either).. Jennifer even thinks the wall mentioned in the quote refers to the Great Wall of China. Yes, that's why you're in Germany, Jennifer. Meghan manages to narrow it down to the '80s, but then speculates that it might be Bill Clinton, who of course took office in 1993. Which I know is not long after she was born, but at her age I'm pretty sure I could tell you who the president was in any given year starting with 1996. All Joey knows is that Clinton's the wrong answer. So they just stare cleverly at the blank screen for a while. Jennifer guesses Ronald Reagan and then Team YouTube are relieved to see the multiple choices popping up on their dashboard screen. They make the correct guesses for the next two questions as well, and in all of these cases, "guess" is the right word.

But at least they've found the cars, unlike the hockey brothers and the derby moms thus far. They apparently got dropped off in front of the Ministry and had to run all the way around it on foot. They find the cars just before the other two teams start driving off. Jennifer wonders whether they should wait for Bates & Anthony now that they're here and Caroline snaps, "No, just go." Jennifer interviews after the fact that she wanted to roll down the window and call out the correct answers to them, but was also proud of herself for putting her team first. Not that they need any help; the derby moms and the hockey brothers both ace all three questions, so Bates & Anthony pull out in fourth place leaving Beth & Mona in last.

On the autobahn, Katie is already looking forward to winning the leg and a brace of Ford Fusions. Rather sure of ourselves, aren't we? She also remarks that the honeymoon has been very stressful so far. "I think if you can make it through the race and not kill each other, you can make it through pretty much anything in marriage." Says the woman who's been married a month.

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