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Bin Ein Berliner

An Amazing Blue Line curves smoothly into Germany, without apparent regard for geology, east to Munich and then northeast to Dresden. There are some b-roll shots that make the whole latter town look like a beer garden, and then we go right to the racers hurrying out of the airport and into the line of taxis waiting outside. Mona comments appreciatively about the tree-lined streets and Bates says in his cab that counting his backpack, he's probably lost 45 pounds. "About 15 body weight and about... I'm not sure I'm going to do the math properly here." I'm mostly sure he's kidding. It appears to be a short ride to the Ministry of Finance, behind which their Amazing Product-Placed Vehicles have a small parking lot near the river all to themselves. Max & Katie are the first team to reach them and read a clue: "Answer three questions about your next destination." Phil explains that they'll use the spoken text-message function on the car's dashboard Bat-Computer to take this miniature pop quiz. So Team Newlywed gets in and waits for their questions to arrive. The first one is, "Which U.S. President said 'tear down this wall?'" Max -- who got a burst of confidence from being the first team there -- uses that same confidence to crisply answer, "John F. Kennedy!" Oops. And this is even multiple choice.

Katie agrees with Max's answer and, of course, they get it wrong. Max realizes his mistake, which is especially embarrassing to him given that Reagan is his favorite president. "Rush would be really upset with me for missing that one." I think I liked him better when just had the wrong answer. The next question is about whom Reagan's comment was aimed at. Max correctly answers Mikhail Gorbachev on the touchscreen, and the final question is where Reagan was when he said it. Max goes way out on a limb to guess that it was in Germany, which isn't actually all that helpful because all three answer options on the screen turn out to be in Germany as well. Still, he elects the correct answer: "The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin," which of course was also the setting for a scene even more infamous to Amazing Race fans. Not that Phil's going to bring that up. After a pause, the computer voice tells them to drive to that very location. Phil says that's over a hundred miles away, and is "the site of President Reagan's historic speech, calling for the Soviet Union's destruction of the Berlin Wall." We even get a clip of that moment, with the Gipper delivering the famous line as though he hadn't been going back and forth all week on whether or not he was going to actually say it. Phil says that's where they'll find their next clue.

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