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Where Joey and Meghan present themselves to Phil, and are told that they are team number two. They jump up and down, jubilantly. Despite not looking all that athletic, those two have a pretty good vertical on them it turns out.

After seeming irretrievably lost not long ago, Mona & Beth make it to the salon in fourth place after all, and although Beth is doing this, she doesn't know who said the Kennedy quote ether. She guesses Reagan and Gorbachev to the neinsaying doorman before resorting to polling dreadlocked barflies in the front room. She finally gets the JFK she needs, just as Bates & Anthony are arriving outside. They enter and read the clue just as Beth is hurrying back to the labyrinth's entrance and Bates nominates Anthony to take this one. They interview how glad they were to see the derby moms there, because it meant they were still in it. Plus it was a team they don't mind beating, although neither of them says that. Beth enters the maze and Anthony goes in right after her, apparently not having had to ask any Germans which of his presidents uttered the famous line.

Caroline and Jennifer make it to the mat and are told they are team number three, much to their amazement. "How did that happen?!" Caroline asks. Well, the broken "v" you saw accounted for half of the teams still behind you.

Beth and Anthony are both in the maze, Beth describing it as trippy. "Kids, this is what drugs [are] like, I think," she says. "Don't ever do drugs." She realizes Anthony is behind her, and soon they're searching the maze together. Eventually they crawl out of the birth canal leading into the White Room, where they grab their clues. Anthony is seconds ahead coming out and now it's a race to the Pit Stop. The brothers decide to follow Mona & Beth in their car and hope to win a footrace at the end, which is making the derby moms very nervous. Soon, both teams drive up to the sign that Mona spots from the backseat and says, "Come on, Beth!" Bates tells Anthony to run for his life. Easy for Bates to say, with his lack of luggage. Both teams hop out of their cars and sprint for it. "That sucks, we led them here," Mona says.

Sure enough, Anthony & Bates get to the mat scant seconds ahead of Mona & Beth. Phil tells the brothers they're team number four, and Mona & Beth that they're the last team to arrive. Rather than telling them right away that they're eliminated, Phil tells them they should be proud, which I can't believe people don't realize by now is a total giveaway. Beth chokes up a little and Phil turns to Bates & Anthony to tell them he has some bad news. They actually look a little nervous as they're possibly anticipating hearing that they did something wrong, but it's nothing like that. Instead, Phil says, "You're going to have to keep racing against these two because this is a non-elimination leg." Again. The derby moms hug and the brothers hug them as well. Phil reminds Mona & Beth about the Speed Bump that they'll face in the next leg, and asks Bates & Anthony if they have anything to say. The brothers admit that the derby moms make them nervous. Mona interviews that they're relieved and grateful that it was non-elimination and they can come back. "But Bates & Anthony are definitely a problem still being in the race," Mona says. And Beth coldly adds, "We've gotta use any way to get ahead of them." Like the Double U-Turn shown in the previews for next week's episode, maybe? Or is that a spoiler?

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