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Bin Ein Berliner

The country singers get to the Buchstaben Museum and as they deliver their letters, they interview about who would possibly go in there. "People who love big, neon, flashing letters," Caroline guesses, going pretty far out on that limb. They get their clue and head out still feeling bad for the hockey brothers.

Who are just now arriving at the train museum. The conductor gestures them to their workspace and they get right to work, not enjoying themselves nearly as much as Joey & Meghan were. But then, I'm not sure anyone ever enjoys themselves as much as Joey seems to be most of the time.

Meanwhile, at the Kurf├╝rstendamm, Phil is standing outside the subway station with some smirking German dude, who is pretty nondescript aside from the fact that he's literally wearing a portable bratwurst stand. He welcomes Max & Katie to Berlin, Germany, and Phil tells them for the first time that they're team number one and just as Katie predicted, they've each won a new Ford Fusion. Max laughs like the happy little goon he is right now.

Mona is navigating from the back seat while Beth drives -- or tries to, because they can't read the street signs as they go past them in the dark. The upshot of this is that despite being the third team to finish the Detour, Joey & Meghan are the second team to reach the Roadblock. Joey takes this one, since the introductory question asks "Who wants to go tripping?" and he thinks it means he's going to get high. And guess what, neither he nor Meghan had any idea who said "Ich bin ein Berliner" either. "I'm sorry, but I just don't know German quotes," Joey interviews, like he's being asked to identify words spoken by Marx or Nietzsche or something. He goes and asks some bar-goers, one of whom helpfully observes to him in subtitled German, "I thought you were with the cat police." Either that or an Amazing Translator is on crack. Have another absinthe, German guy.

Meghan idly guesses Einstein to herself, because he was German, right? Eventually Joey finds a young couple, possibly American, who tell him the right answer. "Oh my gosh, I figured it out!" Joey says annoyingly right in front of them. Off to the doorman, where he mispronounces the quote, says John F. Kennedy and has to endure the whole creepy token-presenting production that the doorman apparently inflicts on everyone. Like, he takes Joey's wrist in one hand, and then uses his other hand to place the token in Joey's hand and close his fingers over it, with the Manson lamps on full blast the whole time. Of course this is already putting Joey in a weird mood. Not to mention Meghan, who isn't even going in. The door closes behind Joey as he says, "Oh my gosh, this is so cool!" Obviously he's enjoying way more than Katie was and in a post-leg interview, he kvells, "Oh. My. Gosh. It was the top Roadblock in Amazing Race history." For him, maybe.

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