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Swing, you fat bastard!

Kevin and Drew, in their car, continue to bicker over how best to ask directions. Kevin is convinced that they've lost the whole thing. America leans toward its TV screens and whispers, "Don’t even joke about that."

At Songwe, Team Guido comes in second (which is first among everyone who didn't win the Fast Forward thing), followed by Team Danza. Margarita pauses to muse that she can't figure out what's up with her and Frank, because first she thinks it's okay, and then she thinks it isn't. I write Margarita a letter and drop it in the mail immediately, and it says THAT'S BECAUSE HE'S AN ASS. So I guess it's not really a letter so much as a short note. Here come Lenny and Karyn (who?). Now it's Pat and Brenda, then Kim and Leslie, then Dave and Margaretta. Margaretta is especially happy to be mid-pack, and good for her. Paul and Amie, Kevin and Drew (Kevin hugs the greeter), and Nancy and Emily round out our list of people who will be joining us next week. That evening, the victorious teams get to have a party. There is dancing, and there are drums. Looks like fun, actually.

In their car, in the dark, a delusional Matt and Ana approach the village while reassuring themselves that there is at least one team behind them that they know of. Nevertheless, when they arrive IN THE DARK (everyone else arrived during the day, it appeared) and Phil pops out to tell them they're toast, Matt immediately says, "I knew that." He actually says it a few times. Yeah, right. You were all over it all along. Dork. Matt repeatedly says, "Bummer." They then get to be interviewed about their feelings, which are that they're both glad they did it. Well, that makes two of the three of us. Fade to black. Executive producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: Alliances. Someone being called a fat bitch. Someone claims that his word is his bond, har har har. Rob and Margarita hug (hey, Margarita, good idea!). Lenny and Karyn fight. Paul talks to the hand.

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