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The Nine Best Episodes Ever

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The Nine Best Episodes Ever

Like most truly fabulous episodes, this one seems almost charmed in retrospect: the botanically accurate but nevertheless hilarious word "nutbunches," the hapless Team Who walking right past a clue over and over while post-production relentlessly mocked them with gongs, and ultimately, that sweaty, desperate, animosity-fueled finish. Kelly and Jon later lost in one of the show's dullest finales, and overall, Season Four is widely considered one of the show's weakest. But this episode is practically perfect.

Season Five, Episode Eleven: "It's Okay, Run Them Over!"
A.K.A. Colin Versus The Ox

From the moment you first saw him throw the hook-'em horns, you knew that Colin, self-professed "extreme" bossypants and shrimpola, was something special. He was intense. He wanted you to know he was intense. He was so intense, in fact, that he came very, very close to being the only racer to ever take an unscheduled Detour to a local jail after taunting a local law-enforcement officer and offering to throw down with "the president of [the] whole country."

So when, with four teams remaining, Colin and his beauty-queen partner and girlfriend Christie got out to a big lead heading from New Zealand to the Philippines, they could only gloat and preen and preen and gloat about how well it was all going, and how sure they were that things were going to be just nifty now. Might as well start filling out that million-dollar check. But when they missed their connecting flight in Singapore, Colin began to seethe with frustration, especially since they wound up on the same flight as everyone else. When the entire group fled the Manila airport together, Colin and Christie somehow wound up at the back of the pack, which positioned them to be Yielded by Chip and Kim -- the historic first use of this irritating device, which had been introduced into the race that season.

As Colin sweated and panicked and waited to do the Detour, his brain began to develop a series of tiny short-circuits. By the time he and Christie were able to go forth and complete said Detour, he was in full meltdown. And by the time they arrived at the next task...well, the next task required the team to steer an ox and plow around a muddy field until the plow plowed up a clue. Unlike all the other teams, who cooperated with one person holding the ox's rope and pulling it from the front while another person followed behind with the plow, Colin and Christie decided that he would do all the work while she stood delicately out of the mud and took him through a psych-tacular tour of all his worst fears: she insulted his manhood, made like a disappointed mom, and basically gave the guy every reason to believe that he was not going to escape without his own girlfriend running his underpants up a flagpole.

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