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The Guido Interview, Part I

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That was no flying wedge! That was just a very special hug!

Miss Alli: Now, I'm a little out of order here, but you had read -- we originally started talking because you had read the Esquire interview, and you seemed to want to address a little bit…the Flying Wedge.

Bill: Yeah, and it's a pretty simple thing, I thought this through, 'cause I didn't want to belabor the point, because as you had said in that interview, or as one of the contestants -- either Rob or Brennan had said in that interview, everything's been said about it. Well, you know, I thought about it, and this is my answer to that, is -- it boils down to the fact that it was a line. And all Americans -- you know, because everyone involved in this show were Americans -- is when you approach a situation that is a line, and I'm not talking about crossing a border country or anything, just simply the fact that it was a line, you're standing in a queue, and so whoever is there first gets in line very orderly and walks through. Yes, I did intentionally do everything that it looked like I was doing to try to delay everyone, and maybe make them miss their plane -- which wasn't going to happen, because they were being led by Air France personnel -- if everyone had gotten behind us in line in an orderly fashion, and walked through, that would have been the case. But what happened when the Air France person walked up, is some contestants asked us to step aside and get out of their way. We had our boarding passes, we had every reason to be in that line. And...'nuff said, that's really the whole thing, had everyone just gone through in a very orderly fashion, as we normally do when we're in line, and as we had until that point in the race, nothing would have happened. They would have pulled the plug on my little plan.

Miss Alli: [pause] Ooo-kay.

Bill: Whereas as it was, when they asked us to step aside, which we felt was unfair, we were there first, and we were just presenting our credentials, our passports, and tickets -- we did have boarding tickets -- and let me ask you, [Miss Alli], you understand what that was, correct? It wasn't the gate to the airplane, it was a security checkpoint, you understand that?

Miss Alli: Yes.

Bill: Okay, 'cause that had been, I think, a little bit misunderstood by a lot of people on the internet, that that was actually the boarding gate to Air France, and it wasn't.

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