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The Guido Interview, Part I

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That was no flying wedge! That was just a very special hug!

Bill: And I'll tell you honestly why I shushed him, was more for "let's get our own car, let's be private," so we can strategize while we're on this train. It wasn't so much -- the way it was edited, it looked like I was trying to ditch them. It was like, no, let them get on that car, we'll get on this car, because that way we can strategize and we won't have contestants all bunched around us.

Joe: We just didn't want to sit with everybody. We wanted to sit by ourselves, and it turned out it was necessary to sit by ourselves, because Frank and Margarita and Rob and Brennan were also alone, and we're the only three teams that figured out you've got to get off the train early.

Bill: And what the contestants explained on TV, what they were actually saying was, they were headed to the wrong end of the TGV -- TGVs are usually divided into two parts, where, on that Paris to the south of France train, one part of the train may unhook and go to Lyon, which is more east, and then the rest of it goes to Marseilles, so yes, they were right in saying that we were about to put them on the wrong end of the train, but -- but we didn't do that, because they were ahead of us.

Joe: We just let them go where they were going. They would have never wound up going to Lyon, because they have the ticket checked by the conductor. He would have said, "You're in the wrong car, this car's going to Lyon, you need to be six cars forward, sitting in seats number 55 and 56."

Miss Alli: Uh-huh. Yeah. And so --

Joe: And the whole thing is that we just didn't want to sit with them all. And had we told them -- actually, we did consider telling one team, "We need to get off in Avignon," but here you've got three teams all sitting there together, so you can't just tell one, "Hey, you've got to get off early here," without telling the other two.

Bill: There were times like that all the time where you're strategizing on which team do you ally with, you know, to help to move up in the pack, and then you know, because of the way we bunched and were always together, it was difficult to do anything like that.

Miss Alli: So did you enjoy the extra-long stay at the palace in India? Because it seems to have been very popular with the other contestants.

Bill: It was incredible. It was like a four-star hotel, I mean, gorgeous. It was a palace. And it was nice also, because we'd just been through some pretty rough days, in really squalid conditions, I mean, that overnight train, and the dust, which of course had the airborne bacteria in it, and at least half the contestants were getting bronchitis, and were really tired, so it was -- we needed that. It was a great rest. Beautiful setting. You felt a little isolated, you felt like, we're out here in the middle of nowhere, India, like, where are they going to take us next? It was a little unsettling in that way, also. And also very surreal, because we watched the Oscars.

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