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The Guido Interview, Part I

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That was no flying wedge! That was just a very special hug!

Joe: Because that way, you're guaranteed that one person would have the correct name and the correct door code. And you might have three other tickets that might not have your name on it, but you have the right room, and you have the right door code, so all four people can work the door.

Miss Alli: I understand.

Bill: And maybe I didn't handle it perfectly, and I shouldn't have engaged Margarita, I should have said, "Okay, you do it." And since I kept controlling it, like I said in that thing, that was my mistake. I should've just said, "Okay, Margarita, here, you do it."

Joe: During this time, Frank was totally disjointed from the whole process, sleeping on the chairs and doing push-ups on the floor. And he wanted to go to breakfast, and he wasn't leaving without his ticket. He didn't understand that everything had been discombobulated.

Bill: Anyway, it worked itself all out, and everyone got -- every team got a fifty- to sixty-dollar savings, and we got a stateroom, which was kind of also my main thing, was trying to make sure that Joe and I got a stateroom on the boat as well. We wanted to make sure we had good rest.

Miss Alli: So you brought up the thing with the train, and putting people on the wrong train, and...what happened there?

[They laugh about who's going to answer.]

Joe: With the train in France. Basically, we were not putting them on the wrong train. We got tickets -- when you get a TGV ticket, you also get a piece of paper with an assigned car, and assigned seat. And we were all walking down the platform together earlier, and when I said, "I'm going to help you here" France, you have to put your ticket through this little thing that takes, like, a triangle out of it. It's called validating your ticket. And if you don't do that, they charge you 60-francs penalty when you get on the train, when you give it to the conductor. So it saves you ten bucks to know that you need to validate your ticket, per person. And when you've only got about a hundred dollars, saving twenty dollars is a lot of money. So we're all walking down the platform to the train, the train is alongside us, and somehow, all these people were walking faster than we were, and they got ahead of us, rather than following us from behind. And basically, they had already passed their car, their assigned car. We had already passed our assigned car, too -- we're walking to the wrong end of the train, not to the wrong train. So I tried to yell at 'em, like, "You went too far, turn around," and Bill shushed me. And I did an about-face, and pretty much that was it. It was the same train --

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