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The Guido Interview, Part I

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That was no flying wedge! That was just a very special hug!

Joe: Because he spoke no English at all.

Bill: Yeah, so I'm just BS-ing with him, and then the only other contestant, really, that came next to me was Margaretta. She came next to me, and then eventually, Margarita came over eventually, like way way later in the thing. And so those two were the only two contestants that really showed any, you know, interest in what I was doing. And I really was trying to negotiate something to kind of make up for what had happened -- I mean, honestly, this was what I was doing. And no, it didn't come out this way on TV. But I was trying to, in my mind, to make up for what had happened at the train thing, because I think the other contestants knew that we got off the train [at Avignon], and I think they really felt that we had really set them up, which, in a way we had, for them to go on to Marseilles. So I thought, well, maybe if I get passage for all of us on this thing, save us all some money, make sure everyone gets a bed -- 'cause we had gotten all this information from the ticket-taking guy, that things would be a little bit better. There wasn't much we could do, we were all here, we had to do it together, and so I did it.

Miss Alli: Uh-huh.

Bill: Once that happened, and it's all arranged, and everyone agrees, 'cause -- I sort of ran it by the two contestants that were there, and got a consensus that yes, that was a good idea...

Joe: And I was there with you.

Bill: Yeah, Joe was there the whole time. They printed out the tickets, and then it got really complicated, because they had trouble -- the computer went down midway through the printing process. The tickets came out, they were in -- just jumbled order.

Joe: No, no -- when the tickets came out, number one, we didn't know any of the last names of the camera crews or the sound men, so we're really kind of getting tickets for about 50, 60 people. And we had given them information about which four people were together -- like, Bartek, Baldassare, and the names of our two crew people and stuff, for us. And when all the tickets came out -- the computer was down, and when they got the computer running again, all the tickets came out in alphabetical order.

Bill: That's right, they were alphabetized.

Joe: And everybody had their own stateroom, with a door number, and then instead of getting a key, you just had, like, a little piece of paper the size of a credit card, with a four-digit door code. It was all electronic to open up the doors, so everybody had to be in the correct stateroom with your sound people.

Bill: So the way that got messed up, then, is when they hand me all these tickets, and we get everyone paid for, I have to divvy them up, and that's what you do see on TV, is everyone yelling at me, "Give me my ticket," you know, blah blah blah. You know, they want it immediately. And I'm saying no, we have to be orderly about this, because they're not in the groups that you think they are. And then Margarita complicates it more by saying, "Frank wants to go to lunch, give me our tickets now. We paid for them, we want them now." And it got real, like, pointed and tense. And so then I said, "Wait a minute, let me just --" So then, I just said, "Stop, everyone wait, every team send one person over here, and I will hand out the tickets that way," rather than all these people yelling instructions at me after they had all sat there and slept...

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