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The Guido Interview, Part I

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That was no flying wedge! That was just a very special hug!

Bill: The closest part to the cat.

Miss Alli: I see.

Joe: So as a result, when we were walking past, we kind of looked at the woman, and we kind of walked up to her, and she opened up the gate. She never said a word to us. She just opened the gate. So we just walked through it. I mean, if these guys walk right past the woman who's controlling everything, it's not our fault. There's no rule.

Bill: It's like, we engaged her. We always were, like, looking for the next thing, and we had made eye contact with her, and she, like, shook her head when we looked at her. Like "this is where you need to be." That's the kind of look we gave her -- "do we need to go there?" -- and I kind of pointed at it, and she shook her head and opened it as soon as we got close to it.

Joe: So if these guys walk past the lady who's opening up the gate, so be it.

Bill: And we never made it, you know, at that point, we had already broken the alliance, which we had had for about ten hours in Africa, we felt like once you're inside, that was -- that was, actually, what Joe missed also was that the producers had asked us to stay in line also. It wasn't the contestants ourselves -- we just agreed to go in the order that we were there. We all just said, "Yeah, we all agree that we'll go one, two, three," but the producers said, "Look, this is a monument, you need to walk through in order -- in an orderly fashion." So that was really the only instruction given to us. Not "whoever gets to the gate first..." -- you know, there was nothing else. It was just...

Joe: The whole point of the producers' thing was "don't run." Because we all had a bad reputation for running. Especially Rob and Brennan. Especially Rob.

Miss Alli: [chortle] Really!

Bill: I don't know why they got so mad at us, but you know, that's know. It's just, the thing of the Guidos. I guess anything we did after that point, they weren't going to like us. So it didn't matter.

Miss Alli: Well, tell me a little about buying the tickets for the boat to Tunisia.

Bill: Oh, okay. That -- I'll just -- to make that short and sweet is difficult, but let me try. I just -- everyone was in the ticket terminal. Joe and I got there, you know, halfway -- we got there fourth. But then we went to another place to check out another possibility of buying tickets through an agency window which was across the street, and that turned out to be not the case, so they told us to go back to the ferry terminal. So I got in there, and no one was in line. Everyone was laying around on the benches, sleeping. 'Cause most of them had left Les Baux early in the morning, like three or four in the morning. And so they were tired, people who had got there ahead of us. So I thought, "Well, this is a race, I'm going to get in line. We have to buy a ticket? I'm going to be the first one there." So I just said, okay, I'm going to walk in the room and scope it out, as usual. My mind's going a million miles an hour, I walk in there, and get in line. So as soon as I see someone come in the office, the ticket window's not open, I engage him. I, you know, start speaking my very limited French to him, and just started making friends with him. You know, just saying "how are you doing," "do you have a family," I mean, just BS.

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