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The Guido Interview, Part I

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That was no flying wedge! That was just a very special hug!

Bill: Physically, at the...

Joe: But Pat had this walking stick...sort of like an old Swiss man would carry in the Alps, or something?

Miss Alli: Yes.

Joe: With a metal tip on the bottom of it -- that she was going to carry throughout the race. And they wouldn't let it go through the metal detectors. She got stopped at the metal detectors with this thing, she was getting into a big discussion about how it's not a weapon, et cetera, et cetera, and eventually she just gave it to the guy who was running the metal detector. Like, "Here, keep it," or whatever. So during this process, we got our backpacks and cameras and everything else through the metal detectors and security, and we actually arrived at the ticket counter first. I'm sure to this day, Pat and Brenda absolutely insist that they got to the airport first. [They both laugh.] We didn't see them, but this is the story that they told us, and she did have this walking stick in the beginning and she did not have it afterwards.

Miss Alli: Okay, so now I have to run through some of my, uh...Tell Me What Happened There questions. What was the thing at the Pantheon? Because I kind of sided with you guys on the one about walking past the entrance, yakkety-yak...what was the deal?

Joe: The simple fact of the matter is, they got there before us. We all determined that we would go in in a line. It was a sacred or religious site, and we would not be running around causing a big commotion and making ourselves unwelcome on French soil.

Bill: was a monument.

Joe: So as a result, I believe it was Rob and Brennan probably got there first, Frank and Margarita, and then us. We all walked in the entranceway, we weren't sure whether we had to pay -- we actually got in for free -- and there was a little gate, like a gate about waist-high, sort of like an altar in a Catholic church or whatever, and there was a lady there, standing at the gate, and she was going to open the little gate door for us, one by one, for us to go into the center of the cathedral, the Pantheon, where this statue of this cat was, with the pendulum. And that's where you get the clue. Well, Rob and Brennan totally walked right past her.

Bill: At a fast pace. The pace quickened when we got inside.

Joe: They didn't even realize that this lady was there to open the gate for us. And Frank and Margarita walked right past her. And they were walking way over to the side, thinking, I suppose, that they could get to the cat from, like, the side of the building or something.

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