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The Guido Interview, Part I

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That was no flying wedge! That was just a very special hug!

Bill: The teachers were in the back...they were probably the most vocal. I think they started throwing things, because it was just a long, narrow bus and we weren't allowed to really get up and walk around or anything, either. They would have to pass these breakfast they started throwing them to us. It was getting kind of funny, and then finally, after about an hour -- 'cause we were getting a little bit rambunctious, like, starting to talk more and more -- the executive in charge of production kind of came back and gave us a little lecture, like, "Shut up and sit down." I mean, in a real nice tongue-in-cheek way, but you could cut that excitement with a knife. Everyone was just on pins and needles wondering what was going to happen next.

Miss Alli: Fabulous. So at JFK, that first day, did you tip YOUR cab driver?

Bill: [laughs] Oh, yes.

Joe: Oh, yes, we did. I can remember, actually, it was a thirty-three dollar cab ride, and we gave him thirty-eight dollars, so we tipped him five bucks.

Miss Alli: Very interesting.

Bill: I'll tell you another thing we did. After that Thailand temple thing where we won the Fast Forward, we actually even put some money in the -- as we left the temple, they didn't show it, they taped it, but it wasn't on the show, but we put money into the little donation jar. 'Cause outside every Buddhist temple, there's like a place to put money. We just felt like we had been in there racing, and kind of...not really desecrating it, but being, you know, a little bit less than respectful, so we thought we should at least leave a donation.

Miss Alli: I understand that. So did you have as much fun foiling Frank at the beginning of the race, as I had watching you foiling Frank?

[They both laugh.]

Bill: Absolutely.

Joe: We didn't realize the comments he was making, or whatever, but we knew that it just had to be driving him crazy to see us standing at the ticket counter at South African Airlines when they pulled up. It must have just, it had been driving him berserk or whatever. And you could tell when we were introducing ourselves how [frustrated] Frank felt that he wasn't first, or whatever. The funny part about it, according to what they say, the working moms said that they were actually the very first people at the airport.

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