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The Guido Interview, Part I

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That was no flying wedge! That was just a very special hug!

Bill: Yeah, and it was weird, because I thought, you know, "I'm too old for this -- MTV will never cast somebody that at the time was, um, like 35 or something. It's never going to happen for me, and then Survivor came along, and then Amazing Race, and I thought, well, Amazing Race, I really thought that was a possibility, because it was a relationship show.

Miss Alli: Yes, it certainly was. So tell me what the first day was like. The first day when you left New York. 'Cause you guys were kicking butt all over the place that day.

[They laugh.]

Bill: Go ahead, Joe.

Joe: Um, it was exciting. It was confusing, it was the opportunity to actually get to know all these people. We were all actually riding on, like, a three-hour bus from the New York City hotel to Central Park, all around Manhattan and Brooklyn and everything else, because they were trying to throw us off pace and try to not [let us] figure out where we were and stuff. We still were not allowed to speak to anybody at this time, so we're staring at one another, trying to figure out who they are, and --

Miss Alli: Really?

Bill: Oh, yeah, and everybody was pushing the envelope, kind of giggling, and making comments just in general, in the air -- poor Sammi...the gal that was taking care of us, she was like our chaperone, or whatever you'd say, like our babysitter, was reprimanding us every five minutes for people to shut up, you know. 'Cause we're all, like, Type A people, trying to get our words out there.

Miss Alli: Well, who was talking?

Bill: Just everybody.

Joe: Frank kept lifting up the curtains of the windows of the bus and peeking out.

Bill: I did, too, actually.

Joe: The bus actually had, like, Venetian blinds that we couldn't see out the windows.

Miss Alli: It WAS the Amazing Bus!

Joe and Bill: Yeah!

Joe: And we had, like, rolls and fruit and coffee and everything else on the bus or whatever, and you still couldn't talk to anybody but your partner, and you really shouldn't have even been talking to your partner, because everybody would have had conversations going, but actually...Frank kept looking out, lifting up the curtains and trying to peek out underneath the crack to see where we were. We didn't know it at the time, but he knows Manhattan like the back of his hand. So he's trying to get the one-up on everybody else. So naturally, we started trying to peek out or whatever else, and [see] what's going on.

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