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The Guido Interview, Part I

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That was no flying wedge! That was just a very special hug!

Bill: It actually became an issue, and I forget which country, but they actually had a meeting, a production meeting, and actually told the cameramen and the crew as well as the contestants that this was something you could do, and we actually all agreed upon it, and I think they said -- their words were something like, "To make it fair to all contestants, this is what's happening. You all are allowed to do it." Because I think some teams were doing it early on, and others weren't.

Miss Alli: Because it did seem a little bit like you were -- now, you were pretty well tapped out of money in the leg before that, right?

Bill: You're talking about India?

Miss Alli: Yeah.

Joe: Yeah. We ran out of money in the taxicab ride going from Delhi to Agra.

Miss Alli: Right, and it seemed like you got -- that day, you had to take some buses when you otherwise might have taken cabs.

Joe: Yeah, that's right, because what happened is that in order to pay for that taxicab going from Delhi to Agra, I needed to use the $200 emergency fund, [which] everybody could use once. That's where we had to take ours. And once I paid for that taxicab ride, we still didn't have a whole lot of money, enough money to take a taxicab from -- and then that morning, when we got the clue at Agra, to go to the Taj Mahal, that was the only time along the race that you had the beginning of a major leg, and there was no new money.

Bill: What that did to us, though, was it changed our opinion of what kind of transportation -- how careful you have to be with your money. So if there was any consequence, it was the way we treated that moment when we got to Thailand.

Miss Alli: But then, plus it also seems like because you were taking buses that day, you got behind that day.

Bill: That's correct.

Miss Alli: And then that was somewhat what forced your hand with the Fast Forward.

Bill: Not really, because we were the second ones to leave India -- we leapfrogged everybody, even though we were a couple hours behind everybody, Kevin and Drew left India first and we were second.

Joe: We might have been actually the first people that actually arrived in Bangkok.

Bill: No, we were second. We were second in Bangkok. So we didn't have to, we were just so afraid that Nancy and Emily would get it, get there first, and then -- it was just, again, it was a dumb move, and we told ourselves our strategy was, don't use the Fast Forward, just go through the course, and force everyone else to do the same.

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