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The Guido Interview, Part I

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That was no flying wedge! That was just a very special hug!

Joe: But it's totally humiliating to be sitting there, and...[we] felt terrible with Nancy and Emily, knowing that they had fought so hard to get down there, and actually beat us, and they were being eliminated because of a technical question.

Bill: It was the lowest point in the race for us, because we didn't -- we loved to play games, and no matter what you saw, we liked to play them fairly, and we don't want to win or anything because of a technicality. That felt awful. It was the most difficult moment for us. I think it comes across. I mean, I got up and went over immediately and hugged Nancy. That felt terrible.

Joe: On top of it all, another thing that they didn't even bring out, is that Emily had gotten stung by a scorpion in the taxicab.

Miss Alli: Really?

Joe: Yes. They had a cardboard box of water bottles, and I guess somebody asked her to pass them a water bottle, and when she did, there was a scorpion in the box that stung her on her finger. So not only were they, you know, late all day long and doing all this, but they actually had to stop, like, in a clinic or a hospital, and do whatever you do for a scorpion sting. So she was in pain, her finger was swollen up, and everything else, and they still beat us.

Miss Alli: And you have said that the reason why you took the bus instead of the taxi was that the woman who was the bus lady had essentially convinced you that you had to do that, that you couldn't take a taxi.

Joe: It was -- it was true, but it wasn't just the woman who was selling the bus tickets, it was another bus passenger that we met in the bus terminal. Her name was Mei [I'm guessing on the spelling], she came from a city called Trang, right nearby, which is the next large town south of Krabi. She was going home also, she spoke perfect English, she was totally fascinated with us and the cameras, being on television...and she, along with the lady who was selling bus tickets behind the window, first convinced us that number one, "you missed the early buses, they left at 7:30." It's now, like, 10:45 or whatever. And the next bus down there is at 5:30. I remember saying to both of them, "Well, we need to check out a train," and the lady behind the ticket counter said, "No, don't even bother going to the train station, because the train leaves at 5:30 also, and it's slower than the bus."

Bill: We also saw Drew and Kevin at the bus terminal -- I don't know why they were there...but that also threw us off.

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