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The Guido Interview, Part I

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That was no flying wedge! That was just a very special hug!

So we went forward, and then we went to the right. We searched all around. By the time we came back to this entranceway, having searched maybe two thirds of this place and not found the thing, all those Germans had cleared out that way. And when we started walking down that way, you go over a little knoll, and you go down, and there is this big giant boom camera, filming you coming down the little street there, which is the indication that you're very close to it, because your normal cameramen fall back and they use the permanent people at the site to film you. And that's where the damn walkie-talkie was -- the same way the Germans went. So I came unglued afterward and we got about a twenty-minute credit for this.

Miss Alli: Well, they did show -- they showed you saying --

Bill: And I did, when we got back, when we had searched the wrong side of the complex, yeah, I said, "Drew and Kevin were up on the roof, let's look up there," but the way they edited it, it looked like --

Joe: Like immediately we jumped up on the roof because we saw them up there. We had little interest in watching where Drew and Kevin were doing, because we were so fixated on these Germans.

Bill: The sound bites just came out for that to come out as one continuous thread. It just -- it made sense to edit it that way.

Miss Alli: Yeah, it did. It did come out that way.

Bill: It was a little minor thing in our minds, and we spent maybe two minutes --

Joe: Everybody can have a good laugh at us, but in reality, it didn't happen that way at all.

Miss Alli: [cheerily] Okay. So describe to me the scene when you get to the tiger temple after your eleven-hour bus ride, and you realize that everybody else is there.

Bill: How we felt, is that what you're saying?

Miss Alli: Yeah.

Joe: "Describe the scene."

Bill: Oh, the scene, well, it was very early morning, and --

Miss Alli: No, I mean -- yes, how you --

Bill: How we feel, oh, yes. Well, I'll tell you, what I was leading to was as we walked through the entrance, there was many, many shoes, and I think I commented on it, 'cause you can tell a lot of people have been here, and you have to take your shoes off, so I immediately knew we were eliminated. I just said..."This is it."

Joe: I actually thought we were going to be first there.

Bill: And I knew we were going to be eliminated. That was eight hours too long, I said, "Something went wrong, and we should have taken a taxi." So in my mind, that's what I'm thinking.

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