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The Guido Interview, Part I

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That was no flying wedge! That was just a very special hug!

Bill: I won't say he had to, he came over and wanted to explain himself to me, that's the way it felt to me. That was totally -- I was totally okay with that. If he wanted to talk to me, that was great.

Joe: Well -- we also know that he was on a cell phone in Italy talking to the lawyers back in Los Angeles, the CBS lawyers, about it, and then AFTER that, he apologized.

Miss Alli: Okay. Well, tell me -- I mean, tell me a little about your -- not with respect to this particular incident, but you guys did seem to have a little bit of a rivalry going with Kevin and Drew.

Bill: Well, that was pretty late in the race, so...

Miss Alli: Well, but -- and I was just thinking about this the other day, that it started to show up, I mean -- were you aware, or when did you become aware that they were trying to set you up back at the walkie-talkies?

Joe: May I explain that? We were never aware that they were trying to set us up back at the walkie-talkies. That was another instance of very creative editing. When we arrived -- we arrived second, Drew and Kevin were already there. And just as we are going through that passageway to pick up the first walkie-talkie, two German busloads of tourists show up, and they're going in to take a tour of Ksar Hadada or whatever. And the production manager who was there, his name is Evan, started screaming at the bus drivers and the tour guide, "They cannot come in here! They cannot come in here!" And he kept screaming, "We own this place today!"

Bill: It was straight out of a Woody Allen movie, it was hilarious.

Joe: And the guy says, like, "How can you own this place? This is Tunisia, this is my country. You don't own anything." But they had a big shouting match of their own, and as it turns out, they allowed the German tours -- there must have been eighty, ninety people in all -- to go in there just as Bill and I are getting our walkie-talkie, the first one, and [getting ready] to go in ourselves. As a result, all these people, every single one of them went through this passageway ahead of us and made a hard left up the little street there. So the only logical thing of -- viewing this thing and not being able to stop these people -- the only fair thing that I could think of was that they must be going in the direction that we do not have to go in. Because why -- it would really be cruel to have us traveling around with ninety people here, out looking for this stupid walkie-talkie, when nobody else is ever going to have to do that. Drew and Kevin just got out of there, they had the place all to themselves.

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