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The Guido Interview, Part I

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That was no flying wedge! That was just a very special hug!

Bill: It was a line, and we have every right to be there.

Joe: It was Bill and me, with the policeman, at the doorway. And then I believe Nancy and Emily were right behind us, and Drew and Kevin were behind them, and Rob and Brennan were way in the back.

Bill: And interspersed in there also is their cameramen and sound men.

Joe: Right. All of us were with our cameramen and sound men. They were never far from their own teams. So as a result, Drew is trying to push Nancy and Emily between me and my backpack and the doorjamb on the right-hand side. And I'm trying to slowly get my tickets and boarding pass to the policeman for him to check, and I swung around, just to put my backpack into the space, in front of Nancy and Emily so that they could not sneak through. And nobody pushed them. For us to push them, we literally would have had to turn around 180 degrees to shove them back.

Bill: And then an argument can be made that if we were gentlemen, we could have stepped aside, because then there were women getting knocked around, yeah, we could have done that. But then also, some of the blame has to be made that -- it just got escalated, because no one was willing to back down, was what it was. I mean, none of us. Not the Guidos, not Nancy and Emily, not --

Joe: They were in the rush, and they thought that they had every right to --

Bill: To push past us.

Joe: -- to go first. And they weren't going to miss the plane, because an Air France lady with a walkie-talkie was holding the plane.

Bill: And the way you find truth in that is that if we had done something like we're being accused of, the producers would have reprimanded us and really given us a penalty, because they were very harsh on penalties, as you can see from later in the race with Nancy and Emily, and other contestants, actually including the Guidos, where we got a couple-hour penalty in Ferrara. And when they felt something had been broken, through the information they got from the cameramen and sound men, they penalized you.

Joe: And there was never any discussion in this whole incident about penalizing us. Us getting kicked out of the game is a figment of somebody's imagination.

Bill: All I can say is the producers were very happy because it was good television. [laughs]

Joe: We never even got talked to about it, or reprimanded about what we did. At all. And in the end, Drew had to apologize to Bill.

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