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The Guido Interview, Part I

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That was no flying wedge! That was just a very special hug!

Miss Alli: Did you take that seriously?

Bill: Yeah, I had never spoken to Drew, I -- in India, that was when we finally talked about all this -- in India, when we talked, he explained himself to me. I did take it seriously. I'll tell you, as a young gay man, I was beaten up many, many times in high school and grade school, and I'm not going to go into great detail, but I felt verbally threatened when he said that. He's physically bigger than me, and yeah -- now I'm not -- now I'm not a small person myself. I'm six feet tall, I'm 180 pounds, so not -- what you're not seeing is what's going on in my mind. In my mind, I'm still that weak little kid getting beat up in school. And that's baggage that I carry, I don't blame Drew for that. That's my own personal problem.

Miss Alli: I completely -- I totally understand that. And in fact, a couple people -- there were a couple people on the forums who said that very thing.

Bill: Yeah. And that's what was going on in my mind -- I'm not a physically small person, but in my mind, I'm going, "I'm 48. I don't need this crap."

Joe: Later on, Drew tried to laugh it off, saying, "Aww, if you know me, you know I was kidding, I'm really a pussycat," and all this -- but we didn't know him at all. This was the first time we had ever spoken to this guy at all. We were either ahead of them, so that we never really interacted, or in France, they were ahead of us, so...

Bill: You know, the first time you're talking to a contestant, you say, "Hi, my name's Drew." I'd never been introduced to him.

Miss Alli: And I think part of the reason why it surprised me that you -- that you -- or why I didn't necessarily get that reaction from you, was that you didn't seem...I mean, at the time, you seemed to laugh. And at the time, you seemed to pinch his cheek --

Bill: But very nervous laughter. In my mind, was going -- you know, let me tell you the other time, and maybe you can go back and look at the tape. When you see me looking around and they're taping me, and the camera's kind of close to my face, and I'm looking side to side -- I did not want to be on TV at that moment. In my mind, I'm like rehashing that instant. It was like -- in my mind, I was, like, jerked back to my childhood. I know that sounds weird, but -- it may sound very Freudian and all, but that's what was happening in my mind. I was rehashing that incident, and I'm going, you know, how am I going to get back at this guy? Because I'm not going to let that happen to me. I'm too old in my life to let somebody verbally assault me like that.

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